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Inhumans Star Anson Mount Confirms That Marvel Rumor You Heard Is False

There's a mountain's worth of anticipation for the upcoming "Avengers: Secret Wars," currently slated to release on May 7, 2027. Given its Multiversal nature, pretty much any Marvel character who's appeared in any film or on any TV series has the potential to show up in some capacity. But no one should expect the return of the ill-fated Inhumans, at least according to Anson Mount. 

After the "Inhumans" TV show flopped, it appeared those characters would be pushed off to the side, never mentioned again. However, Mount reprised his role as Inhumans leader Black Bolt in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." It may have given hope that the Inhumans had a place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all, but Mount responded to a rumor suggesting the Inhumans would be in "Secret Wars." The actor wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), "This is so interesting. Please tell us more about this contract I apparently signed in my sleep. I'm so curious to hear all the juicy details from a feed that is clearly not a click-farm."

It's harsh words, but they remain a good reminder to be skeptical of any rumors at this point. Assuming it doesn't face any more delays, "Secret Wars" still has a ways to come out. Several more rumors will undoubtedly emerge in that time, so take anything you hear with a grain of salt. 

Avengers: Secret Wars hasn't even begun filming yet

To be fair, it's entirely possible Anson Mount is playing coy and wants to keep any future Inhuman appearances a secret. It wouldn't be the first time actors downplayed their roles in future superhero movies. Remember when Andrew Garfield definitely wasn't coming back as Peter Parker for "Spider-Man: No Way Home?" But there's a good chance Mount hasn't signed anything because nothing's been confirmed for "Secret Wars" at this time. The film hasn't begun casting yet.

In October 2022, it was announced Michael Waldron, who previously worked on "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," would write the script for "Avengers: Secret Wars." No plot details have emerged, although it's been rumored "Secret Wars" could be split into two movies. Between numerous cameos that will inevitably factor into the story and needing to do justice to the mainline MCU characters, having two films may be the way to go. Either way you split it, it would appear the story's still being ironed out, so there's probably no way of knowing if there would even be space for the Inhumans.

To meet that 2027 release date, "Secret Wars" would probably need to start filming in 2025. More clarity may come later about who is and isn't in the movie, so for now, beware of scoopers who may not necessarily have all the facts right.