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Chicago PD Season 12 Will Have The Burgess & Ruzek Moment Fans Have Waited For

Better get your rice and some hankies together, Burzek fans — a long-awaited moment is ahead of you in Season 12. After a very long trip to the altar, Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) will finally walk down the aisle sometime soon, according to showrunner Gwen Sigan. 

Speaking with TVLine, Sigan said that the best is yet to come for the engaged twosome. "I'm very excited to get into it. So few times on this show do you get these really happy moments. I think it'll be fun [to write], There's definitely a possibility of, 'Are we going to do the wedding next year? Are we going to do the planning? What are we going to see?' So, I'm excited to figure out all of that."

Fans might be excited to watch the beleaguered Kim finally get to do something that's not horrifyingly traumatic. After all, "Chicago P.D." is arguably the darkest of the "One Chicago" dramas, and its characters are more likely to meet with death and despair than anything resembling happiness. The relationship has helped make Kim and Adam the sixth and ninth most likable characters in "Chicago P.D." history, so their love story is hard to shake. Considering what little luck other romantic couples have had over the course of the series, fans are right to be wary about their future happiness — but it looks like good fortune might finally be on their side, especially because Marina Squerciati has promised fans that this will be the couple's final engagement.

Adam and Kim found love after many ups and downs

It's taken seasons for Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek to find real love. They become a couple after Ruzek's previous engagement falls apart at the end of Season 1, leading to an engagement in Season 2, and ultimately a break-up during Season 3. From there on, they date other people, but still hook up occasionally, simply as friends with benefits. During Season 7, those hook-ups lead to Kim's pregnancy, another broken engagement, and her miscarriage. They end up co-parenting Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) during Season 8, which is what brought them back together as an official item.

What sort of ceremony will Burzek have? According to Gwen Sigan, many different factors have to be considered — so it's quite likely that their wedding won't be as spontaneous and off-the-cuff as Ruzek's abrupt and in-bed proposal in Season 11. "Their proposal was so them. They've been through so much and they have grown so much that it was just this very honest, small, intimate moment between the two of them. But then I also think about Makayla and that she's going to be a part of all those conversations and wanting to be a part of [the ceremony]. And Ruzek has this big family and all these friends ... Is he going to want to do the whole thing? You could see them go either way. There's probably a good middle ground there," she told TVLine. 

Expect Season 12 to give fans some sort of direction on the kind of forever they'll end up with.