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AI Reimagines The GTA 6 Trailer In Live-Action And It Looks Amazing

"Grand Theft Auto VI" is arguably the most anticipated video game in history. When the "GTA 6" trailer debuted in late 2023, it quickly broke records, with fans obsessively rewatching the footage to find new details and information. Viewers even began to speculate that the leads of "GTA 6," Lucia and Jason, are based on Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. To keep gamers busy as they wait for the next trailer, YouTube user Fantasy Images has recreated the "GTA 6" trailer in live-action using artificial intelligence, proving just how realized and daring Rockstar Games' vision already is.

In the video, the creator takes key moments from the breathtaking trailer and accentuates certain details. While the game already looks great (and far ahead of most products on the market), the user does a great job of making the world of Leonida feel real. One of the first shots we see is lead protagonist Lucia in a prison suit. The character looks strikingly realistic, with her eyes and lips particularly standing. In fact, the eyes and lips for most of the characters are pretty spot-on and photorealistic. 

While details aren't confirmed, it's more than likely that motion-capture was utilized to bring characters to life, just like "GTA 5." As the video continues, we see further details added to city shots, with vehicles popping out thanks to color correction. The tweaks are minimal, however, as the "GTA 6" trailer presents a world that already looks realistic. 

There's no live-action GTA 6 movie or TV show

Overall, this fan concept does a great job of showing off what a live-action "GTA 6" could look like. Plot details on the video game are pretty much non-existent, but it's fair to say that Lucia and Jason's "Bonnie and Clyde"-like story would definitely make for a compelling movie or television series. Unfortunately, there's no live-action "GTA 6" project in the works, which is probably for the best, as Rockstar hasn't even announced a concrete release date for the game. Still, it's easy to imagine how one could cast Lucia and Jason for a "GTA 6" movie based on the trailer from last year. 

Rockstar Games has always taken inspiration from iconic films for their projects, so it makes sense that no live-action Grand Theft Auto film has ever been developed. The franchise's last entry, "GTA 5," notably took cues from crime capers like "Heat" and "Thief," with the whole point being that gamers can experience high-octane moments for themselves, as opposed to passively watching them on the screen. It remains to be seen what films and TV shows influenced "GTA 6."

While it seems unlikely that a GTA flick will ever manifest, it's not like there haven't been talks to adapt the property. Rapper (and occasional actor) Eminem almost starred in a Grand Theft Auto movie that never saw the light of day

"GTA 6" arrives on consoles in 2025.