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AI Creates Dragon Ball Characters Based On Countries - The Results Are Amazing

Goku and his friends have battled many powerful adversaries across the various iterations of the "Dragon Ball" franchise. However, there's a different kind of tournament we'd now like to see within the franchise. Namely, every country on Earth should get its own Super Saiyan champion to compete in one brawl after the next. And Instagrammer @the_ai_dream used artificial intelligence to show what these fighters based on each country would look like. 

Some may say "Dragon Ball" tournament storylines need to end, but a battle royale of worldwide supremacy would be interesting, to say the least. Many of the designs take influence from things people typically associate each country with. For example, the United Kingdom's fighter looks like a Knight of the Round Table, while Egypt pretty much has Anubis on its side. The American Super Saiyan is pretty funny, as he's dressed like the American flag, which is par for the course for such characters in anime (see: Bandit Keith in "Yu-Gi-Oh!"). 

They all seem exceptionally powerful, so it's anyone's guess which Super Saiyan would emerge victorious in a free-for-all. To be honest, that answer likely comes down to which one is quickest in acquiring all of the Dragon Balls. 

Among all countries, Mexico's love for Dragon Ball is unparalleled

A whole new batch of combatants in the global Super Saiyan tournament soon entered the mix, as @the_ai_dreams uploaded another set of AI-generated images of Super Saiyans based on countries, including Japan, China, and Greece. All of these fall into the category of unsanctioned "Dragon Ball" transformations — like Goku going berserker in one short film. While these are all fun, there's one country in real life that's taken its love and passion for all things "Dragon Ball" to another level. 

Naturally, the "Dragon Ball" franchise is beloved all over the globe, with fans in probably every country. However, Mexico (and Latin America as a whole) takes it to another level. It's been widely popular in the region since the 1990s, and it's maintained that to the current day. For instance, when Goku was set to fight Jiren on "Dragon Ball Super," there were ads in Mexico promoting it like it was an actual MMA fight. Additionally, Oaxaca, Mexico, is home to a "Dragon Ball"-themed restaurant called Tacos Goku, complete with a mural of Super Saiyan Goku serving up some delicious tacos. 

With that kind of popularity, perhaps the Mexican Super Saiyan within these images would have a greater advantage in an all-out brawl, knowing they're representing a massive fanbase for the franchise. The real question now is which one would want to go head-to-head with this fan art of a horrifying real-life Goku with anime proportions.