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Where Young Sheldon's Georgie & Mandy Spin-Off Fits In The Big Bang Theory Timeline

It looks like fans won't have missed much time with Georgie Cooper Jr. (Montana Jordan) and his wife Mandy (Emily Osment) when "Georgie and Mandy's First Marriage" begins this fall. According to "Young Sheldon" showrunner Steve Holland, the show doesn't start too long after "Young Sheldon" ends.

"A month or two after the finale. The finale, I think, is a month after George's funeral, so probably maybe another month after that. So it's just a little bit separated from the death, but not much," Holland told Variety. That means their little girl, CeeCee, will still be an infant, and much should continue along the same way it did on "Young Sheldon" for the couple. Unlike the "Young Sheldon" series finale, which peered into Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) bright future, there will be no large time jump. So you can settle right back in with the Coopers and feel like you're still at home.

And the program won't just be a continuation of Georgie and Mandy's story — it will apparently continue the stories of other characters within the "Young Sheldon" universe.

Georgie and Mandy's First Marriage will continue the Young Sheldon world

According to Steve Holland, "Georgie and Mandy's First Marriage" will continue on with some of that "Young Sheldon" spirit — with a key difference. 

"It's always been our hope that this world can continue into the new show. It's also important to us that this new show gets its own identity and attitude and isn't just 'Young Sheldon' Season 8," he said to Variety. Noting that the sitcom will be multicam and filmed in front of a studio audience, he said, "The show needs to establish itself and be its own thing but, that said, this is a world that these characters still live in, and they're still family and they're still in Medford." Since it's already bringing in two key players from the couple's past, crossovers are obviously doable. 

That, of course, doesn't mean the show won't change its characters — Mandy is already set to change in a big way. But you should still be able to expect all sorts of familiar faces to drop in for an episode or two. Could there be a Cooper family Christmas on the horizon?  A Cooper family Thanksgiving? Fans will find out when "Georgie and Mandy's First Marriage" debuts in September.