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New Wolverine Fan Film Turns The X-Man Into A Viking - And It's Awesome

Over the years, Wolverine has seen and done pretty much everything there is to do. He has served in the armed forces, been experimented on, traveled the world, and fought foes of all shapes and sizes as a member of the fabled X-Men. He's also one of the few X-Men who has been an Avenger. Thanks to his extended mutant lifespan, Logan has lived through several notable eras in history as well and gone through all kinds of moments you'll never see on the big screen. As a result, it's pretty easy to imagine Wolverine fitting in a variety of settings. He'd even fit well in the time of Vikings, as evidenced by the remarkable fan film, "Logan the Wolf."

Directed by Godefroy Ryckewaert, the film sees Logan (Maxime Ecoiffier) attacked by a group of hunters, who show no fear over the rumors spread about his violent confrontations with others. Logan puts up a good fight, using bladed weapons to fend of his attackers, but they get the better of him in short order. However, his healing factor ensures he survives, and once he regains his footing, the angered Logan's sharpened bone claws extend. He makes short work of his enemies, running into a Viking Age version of Magneto (Maxence Calzora) in the aftermath.

Though "Logan the Wolf" only clocks in at just under 12 minutes, it managed to wow numerous viewers, many of which took to the comments to express their amazement with the final product.

Logan the Wolf left viewers absolutely blown away

In the comments section of "Logan the Wolf," fans showered the short film with praise in more ways than one.

Commending the fight sequences, @busta8694 wrote, "I havent seen a better fight in anything I've consumed for the past decade. this is genuinely not an exaggeration." @dday906 agreed wholeheartedly, claiming that the combat in "Logan the Wolf" should be the standard for theatrical Wolverine fight scenes going forward. "I love that this variant of Wolverine is still a short guy, not to mention how his healing factor scars the wounds, it's perfect," added @user-uc3dv3xw5d, pointing out Logan's comic-accurate height and the detail-oriented approach to his healing factor.

Though reimaginings of iconic characters are often not what longtime franchise fans are looking for, such as in the case of @romecotton9814 — an X-Men fan of over 30 years — "Logan the Wolf" is a home run, and most fans agree with that sentiment. As for @Radicales, they're interested in seeing a Viking version of the entire Marvel Universe. Meanwhile, @Voron_Art_Alive would at least want to see this version of Logan made into a proper variant of the X-Men staple from another timeline in the ever-expanding Multiverse.

Based on the reception so far, it's fair to say that the future is indeed bright for "Logan the Wolf," which is one of those fan films that could be argued is better than most big-budget blockbusters. Godefroy Ryckewaert and the entire team that brought it to life should be proud.