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Fired X-Men '97 Creator Beau DeMayo's Season 2 Involvement Might Worry Fans

After sticking the superhero landing in its finale, all eyes are on '"X-Men '97" to return with the same incredible standard in its 2nd season. Capturing that Storm-created lightning in a bottle again will undoubtedly be a difficult job though, particularly since head writer and showrunner Beau DeMayo only has limited input. Prior to the "X-Men '97" premiere, Marvel fired DeMayo after reportedly being difficult to work with during the project's development. Moving forward, DeMayo's involvement will not be as extensive as fans would like.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), DeMayo revealed, "I did write a lot of Season 2, however, unlike Season 1, I will not be heavily involved or leading production, cast records, design, editorial, post, music, etc., nor doing any production rewrites as it relates to the creative vision of the show."

Given how incredible the 1st season is, the hope is that Marvel Studios will try to keep that standard of mutant melodrama and brilliant writing that had "X-Men '97" Season 1 drop some of the best quotes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ages. Thankfully, Brad Winderbaum, Marvel's head of streaming, also had some comments to share about the X-Men's future. While the series might take some time to return, the results will be worth the wait.

X-Men '97 Season 2 is further into development than you think

While it might be lacking in Beau DeMayo's presence, the Danger Room at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is powering up for another round. Speaking to ComicBook, Brad Winderbaum gave a reassuring update on "X-Men '97" Season 2. "It's still an animatic phase. Animation takes so long to make, as I'm sure you know," he explained. "Because the studio wants to see how successful the [1st] season is before they greenlight the [2nd] season there's a lag. We were lucky enough to get the greenlight before we aired so there's maybe less of a lag. People are just going to have to be patient with us."

Whenever "X-Men '97" Season 2 arrives, there will be some creative input from DeMayo — just up to a point. What will be interesting is how much his absence will be felt and if the show can handle the huge story beats that have been set up. The "X-Men '97" Season 1 post-credits tease had fans freaking out with the appearance of Apocalypse present at two points in time, teeing up a lot for the future. Here's hoping it isn't the end of the world for "X-Men '97" whenever it returns, as we're only just getting used to having them back in the first place.