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The First Bad Boys 4 Reactions Have Audiences & Critics United

After months of anticipation, "Bad Boys: Ride or Die" is finally set to hit theaters. The sequel to 2020's "Bad Boys for Life," the upcoming fourth film in the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence-led franchise sees detectives Lowrey (Smith) and Burnett (Lawrence) hoping to clear the name of Captain Conrad Howard (Joe Pantoliano). The first "Bad Boys: Ride or Die" trailer turns Smith and Lawrence into wanted men, promising tons of action and spectacle. It seems like the wait for the movie was worth it, as it's receiving tons of love from critics. X (formerly known as Twitter) user @DrewTailored described the film as a blast, writing, "Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are still great at busting each others' balls, the new mystery is compelling (Eric Dane is a great baddie) and [directors] Adil and Billal's action sequences are loaded with inventive staging and camerawork." 

This sentiment was echoed by many critics, like @billbria, who says "It's crazy how Adil & [Billal] have tapped into the strong emotional core of this series without sacrificing any of its insane fun." Hardcore franchise fans, such as @BrandonDavisBD, think "Bad Boys 4" is a worthy follow-up to the high-octane trilogy. "This one raised every bar. It's nonstop hilarious. Innovative action beats. So much chemistry with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The best time I've had at the movies in a while," they wrote, adding, "Absolutely loved it." 

Overall, the critical consensus for "Bad Boys 4" seems to be overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the lead performances and set pieces. 

Bad Boys 4 is a hit

There is plenty of good and bad in "Bad Boys for Life," but it seems like "Bad Boys 4" serves as a great franchise entry. Some think it might even be the best in the series. "Omg 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die' is a must see ... It might actually be funnier than 'Bad Boys 2'! And everybody knows 'Bad Boys 2' was the best one!" wrote X user @ShikaSweetie. Similar thoughts were echoed by @owendanoff, who said "The action is just as good as you'd expect, and it might be the funniest yet? Biggest applause(s) in my screening went to Dennis Greene as Reggie for reasons I'll let you see for yourselves!"

"'Bad [B]oys 4' was actually better than 'Bad Boys 3'" casually wrote @kayteemad31. The third installment released nearly two decades after "Bad Boys 2" and was the first to not be directed by Michael Bay. It grossed over $420 million, emerging as the franchise's highest-grossing entry. 

While there's tons of love for the new movie, there are some who don't care for it. "'Bad Boys: Ride or Die' was sadly not the movie for me. But it seems lots of fans of the franchise will enjoy it, and the audience I watched the movie with were having a blast," shared @RussMilheim

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