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Why The Rookie & Will Trent Won't Return Until 2025

The 2023 SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes delayed numerous TV shows that were supposed to debut in the fall of that year, only to get pushed into the beginning of 2024. No doubt fans were hopeful things would go back to normal for their favorite series this upcoming fall, but two shows that'll come back a bit later are ABC's "Will Trent" and "The Rookie." But don't fret; it's all for the best in this instance. 

When ABC announced its fall schedule, neither of those two shows were anywhere to be found. It's all part of the plan, as the president of Disney Television Group, Craig Erwich, told TVLine, "It felt like the best way to platform those shows for success was to launch them in January, when we have this huge promotional platform in 'New Years Rockin' Eve' as well as college sports and Christmas programming, and also to give these shows an uninterrupted run."

That's right. Network shows that air in the fall often have large breaks to accommodate the holidays and the sports season. By the sound of it, "Will Trent" and "The Rookie" will run all the way through starting in January 2025, with supposedly full 18-episode orders. Good things come to those who wait, and this ultimately sounds like a win for those longtime fans of both shows.

Big things are in store for Will Trent and The Rookie

"Will Trent" has been a huge hit for ABC right from the start. The procedural impressed fans for its exciting storytelling and incredible performances. "Will Trent" Season 2 saw improved viewership over the first, a trajectory greatly appreciated by the show's main star. Ramón Rodríguez, who plays the titular Will Trent, spoke about the excitement of getting the positive news ahead of time on "The Tamron Hall Show," stating, "Sometimes when you're wrapping a show, you don't know what's going to happen next ... But then to know you have a bit of security. We get to keep coming back, and to thank the crew in person. We got to announce it, like 'We're coming back for Season 3!'"

"The Rookie" has been around a bit longer than "Will Trent," as it'll begin its seventh season come the New Year. However, a renewal is exciting no matter what the show is, and Nathan Fillion, who plays protagonist John Nolan, also expressed gratitude for being allowed to continue such a great role. He had this to say on Instagram, "It's a good feeling to have work. It's even better to be able to take pride in that work. If you are among those who are enjoying 'The Rookie,' we owe you our thanks."

Both shows will end their current seasons on May 21 and return at the beginning of 2025 to give audiences even more great procedural action.