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Chicago Med Season 9 Is Starting To Feel Like Grey's Anatomy In One Weird Way

No matter how different they are from each other, hospital dramas invite comparison thanks to their similar setting. This is especially common when a show that usually has a strong identity of its own starts to introduce plot points that seem similar to those used in another hospital series. That's exactly what's happening now with the typically grounded "Chicago Med," which has been inching toward a far more outlandish "Grey's Anatomy" type of direction in Season 9.

Things kick off in Season 9, Episode 10, "You Might Just Find You Get What You Need," when the freshly divorced Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) agrees to accompany Dr. Loren Johnson (Jefferson Wade) for an important aerial heart transplant transport. On their way back, their helicopter crash lands, and Maggie has to treat Loren's injuries with improvised equipment. Episode 11, "I Think There is Something You're Not Telling Me," immediately continues the pair's strange adventures when their perhaps unavoidable date is interrupted by an unexpected car crash. This forces Maggie and Loren into a nail-biting rescue mission to free the driver before she's crushed under scaffolding.

After all this, it's not all that surprising that Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) decides that Loren might be going a little too hard while working at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Based on these back-to-back episodes, Maggie and Loren might be more at home at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which is a lot more prone to these types of peculiar incidents.

Chicago Med usually keeps things more grounded than Grey's Anatomy

Granted, "Chicago Med" and the greater NBC franchise aren't exactly short on strangeness. The many bizarre "One Chicago" storylines that stunned audiences include shocking deaths, shady behavior, unexpected comebacks, and one of the most squirm-worthy tapeworm tales out there. However, these are all fairly realistic stories compared to the most over-the-top moments on "Grey's Anatomy." The ABC show is rife with dramatic vehicular accidents, literally toxic patients, wedding shenanigans, and truly unexpected returns of the "I thought you were dead" variety. All in all, the show's twists veer far closer to daytime drama territory than "Chicago Med." 

Of course, there's nothing wrong with either series' approach. Still, fans who keep tabs on both "Chicago Med" and "Grey's Anatomy" might find it weird to see the former operating so close to the latter's preferred stomping grounds with two specific characters who keep finding themselves in "Grey's Anatomy"-style situations. It will be interesting to see whether Maggie and Loren continue to exist in a small slice of "Grey" within the "One Chicago" universe.

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