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Chicago Fire Season 12 Finale Plot Details Tease A Tragedy For Violet And Carver

Contains spoilers for "Chicago Fire" Season 12, Episode 13 — "Never Can Say Goodbye"

Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith of "Bull") has not had an easy go of it romantically during her time on "Chicago Fire," and a preview for the Season 12 finale hints that things might continue along a similarly fraught path for her and her new boyfriend, Sam Carver (Jake Lockett). The twosome hooked up earlier in the season and have become a steady item, swapping a kiss that got fans of the show talking.

Speaking with TVLine in May ahead of the Season 12 finale, showrunner Andrea Newman explained, "Carver and Violet are like two heated magnets drawn to each other whether it's a good idea or not. They have some serious issues to resolve, but there are lots of obstacles thrown their way — including a call in the finale that will lead to Carver's past reaching out to drag him back to a dark time and place."

There's obviously no word yet as to what darkness may lurk in Carver's path — or indeed what the other obstacles lying between them are — but it looks like Violet's seasons-long bad luck streak in romance might be everlasting.

Violet Mikami's already lost a lover on Chicago Fire

Violet Mikami has long had a horrible luck when it comes to romance. Her first fling is Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), a brief flirtation which lasts for a chunk of Season 8 before they break up and become good friends. Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman later addressed the character's split and declared that Gallo and Mikami were never meant to be a forever thing. "I think they've become such good friends that that would have been a twisty-turny place to get to. I think their relationship really evolved into a beautiful friendship. So in terms of Violet, I don't feel like that was going to be endgame. Their friendship became so important at that stage," she told Variety in 2024.

And then there's the sad tale of Hawkami. Violet sets her sights on Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), a Paramedic Field Chief she takes a fancy to, during Season 9. The twosome seem to be headed for great things when Hawkins is killed during a façade collapse during Season 11. Since that tragedy, Violet hasn't been looking for anything serious until her fling with Sam began in Season 12. Is he her endgame? Stay tuned to find out.