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The Fugitive 2000s TV Series Is Almost Impossible To Watch Today

Audiences in 1963 were glued to their television screens when "The Fugitive" debuted on ABC. The series follows Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen), a man on the run from authorities after being falsely accused of murdering his wife. Three decades later, Harrison Ford would bring the series to the big screen. Ford's take on the source material was a critical and commercial success, reviving interest in the property. In 2000, CBS would issue a remake of the '60s show to capitalize on the franchise's success, but today, it's impossible to watch. 

Watching "The Fugitive" 2000 is nothing short of an arduous task, as viewers can't find the series on streaming services or purchase/rent it from digital storefronts like Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. It seems like fans can't even purchase a physical copy of the series from outlets, making "The Fugitive" remake one of the hardest shows to watch.

Most casual fans of "The Fugitive" don't even realize that a short-lived reboot was released. The show features the same premise as the original and film adaptation, this time with Tim Daly in the shoes of Dr. Kimble. The series also features Mykelti Williamson as Lt. Gerard and future "Avatar" star Stephen Lang. Reviews for the reboot were average, with outlets like Variety deeming it a safe revival of the tried-and-tested concept. Ultimately, CBS canceled the series after its first season, ending it on a cliffhanger.

With a pilot costing $7 million, "The Fugitive" 2000 is also one of the most expensive TV show flops in history

How to watch the original Fugitive series and film

There is some good news for audiences wanting to watch the original "Fugitive" series, as Seasons 3 and 4 of the original crime thriller are available on Pluto TV for free. Unfortunately, those hoping to watch all four seasons of "The Fugitive" will have to fork over some cash. Fans can purchase the entire show on DVD from the usual storefronts like Amazon.  

Want to watch the film that revived the property? Harrison Ford's take on the small-screen classic is surprisingly available to stream on the rather niche BBC America. Don't have a subscription to the British giant's American export? Fans can rent the flick on Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, and more starting from $3.79. You can also digitally purchase the Harrison Ford classic for $12.99. Some fans might not know that "The Fugitive" has an underrated sequel that focuses on Tommy Lee Jones' character. Released in 1998, "U.S. Marshals" continues Samuel Gerard's story and features a supporting cast that includes Wesley Snipes and a young Robert Downey Jr. Fans wanting to watch the sequel can do so with an AMC subscription, or rent or purchase it from various digital storefronts. 

The buck doesn't stop there, as the franchise received another small screen reboot in 2020. Simply titled "The Fugitive," the reboot is different from the 1993 movie and the OG show. Starring Boyd Holbrook and Kiefer Sutherland, the 2020 series debuted on the short-lived Quibi streaming service. With the service now defunct, "The Fugitive" 2020 is also virtually impossible to watch, just like the 2000 reboot.