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Ted Danson & Woody Harrelson Announced A Cheers Reunion (But Not How You Think)

Now decades upon decades beyond its small-screen introduction, "Cheers" remains one of the most rewatchable sitcoms of all time. Television viewers still can't get enough of the antics and characters within the Cheers bar in Boston, Massachusetts, even though new episodes haven't aired since 1993. Thus, many will be delighted to know that Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson — the respective actors behind Cheers owner Sam Malone (who was one of the few characters to appear in every episode) and bartender Woody Boyd — have a "Cheers" reunion on the way. However, it's not in the format one would think.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Danson and Harrelson plan to revisit "Cheers" through podcasting. The show, titled "Where Everybody Knows Your Name with Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson (Sometimes)," will allow Danson, Harrelson, and their rotation of special guests to discuss all kinds of topics relating to their personal lives, taking a step beyond their career highlights. Naturally, the program from SiriusXM and Team Coco will also lead to plenty of reminiscing about the iconic show. The "Cheers" cast most recently reunited at the 2024 Emmy Awards, though many major actors were sadly missing from the event.

Danson and Harrelson have spoken on the creation of "Where Everybody Knows Your Name," and they both sound eager to get started.

Danson and Harrelson are both ready to dive into the podcasting world

With the announcement of "Where Everybody Knows Your Name with Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson (Sometimes)," both of the "Cheers" actors involved have spoken on what the upcoming audio show means to them. Though he admitted that he often dreads small talk in social settings, Danson said, "I've found that it is a genuine privilege to sit down with someone for a deep, uninterrupted conversation. With this podcast, we'll do just that. And that I get to do it with Woody, my dear friend of many decades, is the cherry on top of the sundae."

Harrelson shared a similar sentiment, saying that the biggest reason why he's so excited to do "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" is getting to spend time with Danson. "Sure we'll talk with interesting guests, and sure we'll share some laughs along the way, but the biggest win will be rekindling our romance, I mean friendship, after all this time," he added. The team behind the podcast has also released a brief teaser for it, giving "Cheers" fans and potential listeners an idea of what to expect from it and its guests once the show premieres.

Thankfully, there isn't much of a wait for "Where Everybody Knows Your Name with Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson (Sometimes)." The podcast officially launches on June 12.