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Who Is The Woman In That Bacardi Commercial?

If you're ready to sip a summertime cocktail, Bacardi Rum has you covered. Their latest spokesperson is a famous musician who's also dipped her toes in the acting world, as Camila Cabello was named the brand's latest spokesperson, via People Magazine. The first commercial trails Cabello through Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. She can be seen stomping the concrete to dust, causing yellow caution tape to peel up and vibrate. Participating in rooftop parties, dancing, and generally having a good time, Cabello helps sell the notion of the alcoholic beverage being a good-time drink. That's also her latest single, "I Luv It," playing in the background.

Cabello told People that Bacardi is a part of her DNA, thanks to her Cuban ancestry. "They have a very closely linked Caribbean background," the singer said. "My grandma's favorite drink is the cuba libre — a rum and coke — and growing up in Miami, you just are surrounded by Bacardí, so I was just super excited to collaborate with them." She added that she loved that the drink brings a party atmosphere with it.

Naturally, the multihyphenate is known for more than slinging booze. To movie fans, she might be best known as Cinderella in the 2021 take on the classic fairytale — and the film's director, Kay Cannon, thought working with her was amazing. But Cabello also spent time in a girl group, voiced a memorable animated character, and even popped up in the Dream House.

Camila Cabello is a multihyphenate with an extensive resume as a singer and actor

Aside from her successful solo career and her hits with the girl group Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has contributed her talents to several productions. She appeared 15 times on "The Voice," and voiced herself in an episode of "Barbie: Life in the Dream House" a cartoon on Netflix you should definitely be watching.  She has acted in the shorts "Hui" and "Rob Peace." But most interesting of all, she provided the speaking and singing voice for Diva in the "Trolls" franchise, which is something only an adult might notice in "Trolls: World Tour."

Cabello told Hollywood Hangout that she's a lot like her character. "Diva is the kind of person who will knock on your door at 3 am and be like 'the night is still young, let's go," she said. The singer-actor added that Diva's sense of humor and energy are similar to her own, and admitted that she too is loud. "When I'm feeling really great and happy, I can just yell!" she revealed at the time. 

It seems that Cabello has crossover appeal, whether she's crooning for rum or convincing kids they need to follow the beat of their own drummer.