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Star Trek Isn't Allowed To Use One Three-Letter Word - Here's Why

Star Trek has been around since 1966, and it's still regarded as one of the best sci-fi franchises in the game. There are many reasons for its success and longevity, but one of the main ones is hiring creators who are serious about playing by the rules. Actor Jason Isaacs learned all about the property's strict edicts when he tried to ad-lib the word "God" while filming a "Star Trek: Discovery" scene, only to have it shut down by writer Kirsten Beyer.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Beyer explained that references to the Almighty are banned since Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry wanted the franchise to depict a future where religion is obsolete due to scientific advancements. During the interview, she revealed that Isaac dropping an F-bomb would have been more acceptable than him mentioning God.

Of course, this isn't the first time words have been banned from the Star Trek franchise. The mention of "Spock" caused a behind-the-scenes fight on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," but the producers eventually allowed references to the famous Vulcan. Similarly, the creators of "Star Trek: Discovery" changed their stance on the word "God," as one creative was fine with it.

Is God allowed in Star Trek after all?

Jason Isaac was seemingly prohibited from mentioning God while in character as Captain Lorca, but former "Star Trek: Discovery" showrunner Gretchen J. Berg didn't have an issue with it. While speaking to Nerdist, she explained why Kirsten Beyer's claims might not have been entirely accurate, despite the franchise's history of favoring science over religion.

"On a show about diversity and with different points of view, I feel like you have to accept that some people believe in God, some people want to worship a potato, and some people don't want to believe in anything," she said. "I think there is room for that on Star Trek." Berg added that God may have been mentioned in some episodes of "Star Trek: Discovery," as the deity exists (to some degree) within the framework of this sci-fi universe.

"Star Trek: Discovery" broke more of Gene Roddenberry's rules, namely regarding the interpersonal relationships between the Starfleet crew members. While the franchise's core elements have been represented in every series and movie, it's clear that the creators don't mind ignoring Roddenberry's wishes for the benefit of their own stories.