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A Fan Fixed David Corenswet's Superman Movie Suit - And We're Sad It's Not Real

Earlier this week, new DC boss and "Superman" director James Gunn dropped the first look at David Corenswet's Man of Steel. In the pic, Corenswet's Kal-El is seated in an apartment building, solemnly putting on his suit as a mysterious threat soars over Metropolis. The moody image wasn't exactly well-received, with fans complaining about Corenswet's suit and Superman's lack of urgency. While some were disappointed, X (formerly, known as Twitter) user @Havanxes was motivated to give fans his own spin on the suit, remixing and editing the first look to make it more palatable and optimistic. 

The changes made by the artist are minimal but they paint a drastically different picture. In the fan-edited image, Superman's suit is cleaner (it doesn't look battle-worn) and lacks the distinctive lines from the original costume. The background is also overhauled, with the cosmic threat overtaking Metropolis removed entirely. Instead, fans see the city's well-lit skyline with the sun shining. No longer somber and moody, the fan's pic also features the classic "Superman" logo at the top, making this new take more cheery and bright. 

The edits are genuinely small but they completely overhaul the first look that Gunn presented, making this a more interesting (and simpler) Superman suit. One thing we love about this fan-made suit is how it's far lighter in color and doesn't have a loose collar like the OG. It's a proper, snug fit that helps Corenswet's bulked-up physique as Superman stand out more. 

Fans love David Corenswet's edited Superman suit

As expected, fans are in awe of this fan-made suit, which many see as an improvement. Released hours after James Gunn debuted the original, it has since amassed over 1.4 thousand reposts and over 1.1 million views in less than a day. "Normally hate fan photoshop but this looks great in comparison wow," shared X user @urbannmedia. "The sad thing is, I KNOW James Gunn could have delivered this type of suit," mused @BattinsonMarvel. Other fans, like @bojaninnyc, wish that the film's actual suit was lighter in color like the edit. 

While the reception to the edited costume is great and shows the power of fandom, fans ultimately have to realize that the suit in Gunn's film was made to serve his vision of the Man of Steel. The implications of the original image and suit might disappoint fans, but everything is in service of the story that the director wants to tell. Besides, fans like @Filipe28630932 are confident that the suit Gunn debuted isn't the final one we'll see in theatres. 

One theory even suggests that the Kal-El in the official image isn't actually Superman, but Bizarro, who has been rumored to make his live-action debut as one of the film's many villains. While we'll have to wait to see whether that theory pans out, fans should still exercise patience and see what Gunn and Corenswet have cooked up for this new take on the Man of Steel. "Superman" flies into theatres on July 11, 2025.