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Brooke Shields Helped Benjamin Bratt Get Through A Nude Scene In A Wild Way

The truth about filming nude scenes is that while intimacy coordinators have made things better, the scenes are not always easy, and a lot of choreography and trickery goes into making them. Fortunately, sometimes help can come from strange directions. For Benjamin Bratt, filming one particular near-naked scene for Netflix's "Mother of the Bride" turned out to be easier than anticipated. This was thanks to co-star Brooke Shields, who decided to help her colleague by shedding some clothes herself.

In an interview with "The View" (via Entertainment Weekly), Shields discussed the art of shooting nude scenes. She also revealed that she felt bad for Bratt having to go through the ordeal all by himself, so she decided to participate. "They have these things called modesty socks, which, for a woman it's a modesty triangle and they tape it to you, just where the camera's going to go," she said. "For the poor guy, they don't tape — they just have a little sheath." 

After seeing Bratt in the modesty sock, she took pity on her co-star and decided that he shouldn't have to be the only one feeling exposed. "They had to reverse and do my side, and I was like, 'God, I feel like this is so unfair,'" Shields explained. "As a surprise to him, I taped my boobs with those sticky-tape things, and I turned around and dropped my dress just so he didn't feel like he was the only one."

Brooke Shields loved filming Mother of the Bride

Brooke Shields' story about surprise nude-scene participation might seem like an oddity in an age when expert intimacy coordinators are changing Hollywood forever, to the point that Ewan McGregor had to use one for sex scenes with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, while filming the Paramount+ show "A Gentleman in Moscow." Nevertheless, Shields' gesture was all about supporting her co-star in the challenging scene, which involves Lana (Shields) sneaking into Will's (Benjamin Bratt) room unaware that he's just walking out of the shower.  

As Shields told People, making "Mother of the Bride" was a very communal experience. "[It] felt like theater ... because we were all thrown together in such a foreign environment," she said. "We were together all the time ... which was really nice. And we all lived right near each other." 

Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Lana's daughter Emma, echoed the sentiment: "One of the special things about making the movie was — since we were so far away from home, all of us, and in a new place — I really feel like we all got to know each other pretty fast." 

In some cases, this feeling of companionship extended to the actors' significant others. Shields particularly liked the fact that Bratt's wife, Talisa Soto ("License to Kill," "Mortal Kombat"), joined them on location. "She's such a refined, beautiful woman," Shields enthused. "She epitomizes that, and I was so happy she wanted to come and spend the first portion of [filming] with us." All in all, it seems that filming "Mother of the Bride" was a very nice experience for the cast — to the point that they were comfortable enough with each other to help each other get through nude scenes.