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9-1-1: Season 7, Episode 6's Huge Wedding Reveal, Explained

Contains spoilers for "9-1-1" Season 7, Episode 6 — "There Goes the Groom"

There are a whole lot of romantic surprises during Maddie Buckley ("Party of Five" star Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Chimney Han's (Kenneth Choi) long-anticipated wedding — and only one of those shockers involved the groom's episode-long odyssey across Los Angeles, fighting off the unfortunate effects of viral encephalitis, which has left him haunted and suffering from flashbacks to Maddie's past and his own. 

But a pleasant surprise also occurs; once the groom's on the mend, he and Maddie decide to have a hospital wedding. Called together abruptly, their guests arrive en masse, including Maddie's brother Evan "Buck" Buckley (Oliver Stark), who mysteriously shows up with his mouth covered in soot. Two seconds later, Tommy Kinard (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) enters the room, fresh from fighting a fire and also covered in soot. It only takes a minute not only for Buck to come out to almost everyone in the room but also for Tommy and Buck's romance to go public. The only one to really react? Hen Wilson (Aisha Hinds), who's long known something's up with Buck utters, "It's about damn time." 

But while most of the group may be surprised by Tommy and Buck's revelation, according to Kenneth Choi, Chimney is utterly thrilled for his new in-law.

Kenneth Choi says Chimney's excited for Evan and Tommy

While speaking with TV Line about the wedding episode in May, Kenneth Choi explained that only one "9-1-1" character had a feeling something was up. "I think everybody except for Hen is surprised. The way it's played is that Hen has kind of known all along that there's something going on with Buck, but I don't think anybody else did, Chimney included." He admitted Chimney was still putting two and two together when Hen spoke her piece, and there is even a longer take that didn't end up in the episode in which Chimney looks back and forth between the two men in complete confusion that was cut for time.

So, how does Chimney feel about his new brother-in-law's bisexuality? Per Choi, he's excited. "The feeling that Chimney has is, 'Oh, this is great! Because I love both of you guys!' He loves Tommy and he loves Buck, so it's terrific, but it's also completely out of left field for Chimney ... He, along with the rest of the crew, is happy. All you want for your friend is for them to be happy, and for them to find someone who makes them happy. It doesn't matter who it is. As long as this person makes your friend happy, you're all for it." One of the truths about "9-1-1" is that there seems to be plenty of room for love in the Choi family, for better or for worse.

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