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AI Made A Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer Set In The 1950s & It's Freaky

What if Mario and the gang hit the silver screen during the golden age of cinema? Back in 2023, Illumination's "Super Mario Bros. Movie" blew everyone away at the box office, grossing $1.3 billion globally. The film's success has fans thinking about what's next for everyone's favorite goomba-stomping plumber. With the use of AI, TikTok user filmes.secretos has created a compelling concept trailer for a live-action "Mario" flick — with a twist. In the video, the artist suggests that a live-action "Mario" film should be set in the '50s, creating a completely different vibe for the Mushroom Kingdom.


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In the trailer, a narrator discusses how Mario and Luigi are whisked away to the Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach and save the land from evil. It's a typical Mario tale, but the visuals are on a whole other level. The fan trailer takes direct cues from the fantasy films from the '50s, creating an aesthetic that feels deeply rooted in the past. The more fantastical characters from the "Mario" franchise like Bowser are presented as costumed actors who populate elaborate sets. 

This remixed world feels fully realized and in line with the old-school Hollywood aesthetic, reminding us of films like "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Adventures of Robin Hood." Besides the main roster of characters, this throwback "Super Mario. Bros" features the likes of Wario and Donkey Kong, making this a star-studded concept. To make the trailer feel even more authentic, the creator has enlisted the help of a narrator who perfectly mimics the old-school Hollywood sound. 

When's the next Super Mario Bros. Movie coming out?

This concept is genuinely fascinating and proves just how versatile of a property Nintendo's "Mario" is. It's a shame that the live-action "Mario" film from the '90s didn't faithfully recreate the video game like this AI-generated post. As much as we love the visuals in this '50s "Mario," it's extremely unlikely that such a niche concept would ever hit the big screens. Following the success of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," it would be moot for Nintendo to deviate from the medium of animation, which is perfect for such a fantastical franchise. That being said, Nintendo isn't averse to taking risks — their upcoming "Legend of Zelda" flick from Wes Ball is set to be live-action.

As for the future of the "Super Mario Bros. Movie" franchise, the series is set to receive its next installment very soon. Nintendo has confirmed that Illumination will debut the flick on April 3 2026, some three years after the OG dropped. It should be noted that the official press release doesn't mention the word "sequel," but it's fair to assume that we'll be getting Mario's (voiced by Chris Pratt) next adventure as opposed to a random spin-off.

Plot details regarding the upcoming picture are slim, but Bowser voice actor Jack Black is hoping that Pedro Pascal joins on as Wario