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AI Creates A 1950s Robocop Movie Trailer & It Is Genuinely Incredible

The future of law enforcement is presented as a product of the past in another fake trailer from AI enthusiast Abandoned Films. Paul Verhoeven's "Robocop," was the sci-fi film that's the most representative of the 1980s, but here it's funneled through the golden era of the 1950s, and things are looking a little worse for wear. In a video that matches the chaotic landscape of Detroit in the sci-fi action entry but crams it full of Cadillacs and people running backward, Robocop himself appears like the most heroic kitchen appliance you've ever seen and maybe even more intimidating than the original.

This version of Alex Murphy aka Robocop — who was originally played by Peter Weller – looks pretty dead around the eyes before the big transformation, though that's something we've come to expect with these artificial intelligence previews. After that, Robocop's signature style of the titular hero is far more retrofit. Shinier and almost slimmer than the version we know and love, the only thing that might match the original design is the unmistakable headgear that Robocop is synonymous with. The helmet might be a little larger than the original, but that signature strip for the visor is there, and that's frankly all that matters. It's the cast that this trailer has conjured up that is a bit alarming.

Some familiar and unfamiliar faces make up the cast of 1950s Robocop

Kurtwood Smith's Clarence Bodiker might look like a nasty piece of work in the original "Robocop," but the version from the 1950s somehow sees him as a sharper-dressed adversary for Murphy to go up against. Rather than having him look like the low-life gang leader in Verhoeven's film, this version of Bodiker appears better suited to handle the part-man, part-machine, all-cop law enforcer. The same can be said for Dick Jones, the corrupt president of OCP, who is lacking in the likeness of Ronny Cox, who played him in 1987 film.

A really alarming element of this new version, however, is the Robocop we see under the hood. The original take was always a striking sight as we saw what looked like Peter Weller's face almost stretched to connect with his new metallic mold. In the case of the '50s version, it looks like there's an even greater robot-to-cop ratio in place. Either way, the AI video does offer an interesting idea of what a 1950s Detroit would look like if Robocop were walking the streets.

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