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Blue Bloods Revealed Frank Reagan's Two Favorite Movies - And They Are Wild

Contains spoilers for "Blue Bloods" Season 14 Episode 8 — "Wicked Games"

Even the Reagan clan has a fondness for the cinema, and during the dinner scene for "Wicked Games," the whole family comes together to opine about what the best movie in the world is. Sparked up by Henry Reagan's ("Murder...She Wrote" mainstay Len Cariou) love of the straightforward morality of war pictures, each clan member has a different opinion about what makes a good theatrical experience. But the most interesting thought of them all belongs to Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). To the entire family's surprise, Frank says his two favorite movies are "Galaxy Quest" and "When Harry Met Sally..."

Reagan's children react with predictable incredulity. Calling "Galaxy Quest" a very close second, Reagan explains to the group that he likes the latter film because of the poetic snapshot it gives of New York City. "Romance and an ode to New York, it's got it all." Jamie (Will Estes), Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), and Erin (Bridget Moynahan) are shocked their father's favorite flick isn't a John Wayne western, "The Godfather" or a police documentary, respectively. Frank demands they not tell anyone about this out of fear that they might think he's gone soft.

But Frank's not the only Reagan with some unusual favorite flicks in his back pocket.

Blue Bloods shows that the Reagan family has some interesting movie preferences

The rest of the Reagan family confesses to having some interesting favorite films of their own. Aside from Henry's preference for war films and Frank's apparent love of rom-coms, Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray) confesses that she's a huge fan of horror, to the shock of almost everyone else at the table except for Jamie; she also names the detail-strewn "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Ring," among other grisly favorites. Bridget likes "The Verdict" and other legal dramas, much to the resentment of Jamie in particular. Meanwhile, he adores the family comedy classic "The Mighty Ducks." And Danny Reagan? It's an untold truth that he's partial to the comic capers of "Caddyshack."

It turns out that movie opinions are definitely a matter of the generation gap. While everyone protests Henry's love of war pictures and is exhausted from seeing them, comic-book-loving Sean (Andrew Terraciano) expresses his love of Batman without naming a specific franchise and gets approval from the rest of the clan. Hopefully, the Reagans will find harmony in streaming one day ... but knowing what we know about them, that'll probably never happen.