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The Acolyte Accidentally Spoiled A Live-Action Star Wars Debut

With the release of "The Acolyte" just under one month away, Star Wars fans are bracing for another action-packed adventure in the galaxy far, far, away. The trailer for "The Acolyte" teases some Jedi villains, but Lucasfilm and Disney are keeping other surprises close to the vest. However, a video uploaded to the Autodesk YouTube channel, which caught the attention of eagle-eyed X (formerly known as Twitter) user @JordanMaison, could have spoiled the live-action debut of the Selkath.

First appearing in the "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" video game, Selkath are humanoid, amphibious creatures from the planet Manaan. They're mostly peaceful beings who don't get involved in the galaxy's various conflicts. Still, some have been known to buck this trend by turning to bounty hunting and going insane on space stations. One of these rascals, Chata Hyoki (Corey Burton), has a memorable role on "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," as he gets hired to carry out Count Dooku's (Burton) nefarious business.

Of course, the Selkath sculpture in the Autodesk video could be a simple prop that isn't associated with "The Acolyte" at all. Regardless of its purpose, the model has added to the hype surrounding the upcoming Disney+ series.

Star Wars fans react to the Selkath tease

It remains to be seen if the Selkath will appear on "The Acolyte," but fans with fond memories of playing "Knights of the Old Republic" and watching "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" are excited at the thought of the amphibious creatures debuting in the live-action medium. Some galaxy enthusiasts converged on social media to celebrate the tease.

Responding to the original tweet that got pulses racing, @DanGrievous wrote, "WOOOOOAH!!! LIVE-ACTION SELKATH!!! Thank you for pointing it out, Jordan!" This view was echoed by @RVN1207, who exclaimed, "POSSIBLE LIVE ACTION SELKATH LET'S GOOOO."

Despite being bit-part characters in the Star Wars franchise, some fans are happy that "The Acolyte" might continue the Selkath's longevity. "['Knights of the Old Republic'] came out in 2003. Selkath appeared in ['The Clone Wars'] about 5 years later," X user @DaniHay5 noted. "Cool to see though that they're still around." Of course, viewers will know if this tease has any merit after "The Acolyte" hits Disney+ on June 4.

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