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Bluey's Most Controversial Episode Has Been 'Unbanned' & You Can Watch It For Free

"Bluey" has taken the television world by storm since its introduction in 2018. The children's series has captivated audiences of all ages as Bluey herself and the rest of the Heeler family go on adventures real and imaginary. With much anticipation, the program arrived on Disney+ in 2020, with Season 2 and Season 3 following suit years later. While the series has done well, even outperforming Marvel's "What If...?" for a time, "Bluey" fans took exception to the streamer's handling of the second batch of episodes. It left out the episode "Dad Baby," where Bandit (David McCormack) pretends to be pregnant as part of a game with Bluey and Bingo.

As a result of its exclusion, "Dad Baby" has become infamous among "Bluey" viewers, with many speculating that it was left off of Disney+ due to its explicit nature. Regardless of the reason for its exclusion, though, the controversial episode is now easier to watch than ever. Thanks to the official "Bluey" YouTube channel, fans can watch the episode in its entirety for free. At the time of publication, "Dad Baby" is still missing from the Disney+ catalog, and it's unknown when and if it will ever join the other "Bluey" episodes there. It's also yet to be confirmed why it wasn't added in the first place.

As it turns out, "Dad Baby" isn't the only "Bluey" episode to have been "banned" from Disney+.

Disney+ also banned the Bluey episode Family Meeting for some time

On the whole, "Bluey" is a program aimed at younger viewers that also has parents in mind. More than a few "Bluey" episodes contain jokes that only adults get, and there are some life lessons sprinkled in that older viewers can take to heart. At the same time, the minds behind the show don't let entertaining the adults overtake its kid-friendly nature. Despite this, "Dad Baby" was seemingly a bit too risque and adult for Disney+, just like another surprising episode that was "banned" for a time before making it onto the streamer.

The episode in question is "Family Meeting" from Season 3, where Chilli (Melanie Zanetti), Bluey, and Bingo put Bandit in a mock trial. His supposed crime? Fluffing, or passing gas, in Bluey's face as he got out of bed. Thus, Bandit has to prove his innocence to his wife and kids in what's ultimately one of the funniest "Bluey" episodes out there. Sadly, when Season 3 reached Disney+ in 2022, this installment was missing, with Disney claiming that it didn't meet the broadcast standards of Disney Junior as well. After re-evaluating the episode, "Family Meeting" was eventually added to Disney+.

With "Dad Baby" now available on YouTube, time will tell if it will go down a path similar to "Family Meeting" and finally make its way to Disney+. Until then, viewers can watch the rest of the series on the streaming platform, including the Season 3 episode "The Sign," which has absolutely destroyed parents since its premiere.