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CBS Confirmed That A Fire Country Character Is Officially Getting A Spin-Off Series

It looks like "Fire Country" fans have definitely taken to Morena Baccarin's Mickey Fox. Per a report published by The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has given the green light to "Sheriff Country," which will spin the character off into her own weekly adventures. But there's a big catch to that approval; the series will not begin airing during the upcoming season but will wait until the 2025-26 rollout instead. 

This early greenlighting will give the show's producers time to work on the drama and craft a vehicle worthy of being watched for Baccarin. CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach noted that slow and steady will hopefully continue to win the Nielsen race for the network. "We do long-term development at CBS now," she said. "[The extra year] gives us plenty of time to cast it and figure out how we want to produce it. It's a huge opportunity for us and speaks to the kind of development we want to be doing."

While the rest of the drama hasn't been cast, and its supporting characters haven't even been given names, CBS has released an intriguing logline telling us what Mickey gets up to while she's busy patrolling her hometown of Edgewater.

Mickey Fox has a close connection to the Leone family

According to a blurb released by CBS and reprinted by The Hollywood Reporter, Mickey Fox will be doing more than patrolling Edgewater. She will be busy coping with her father — a former convict  — and her difficult-to-control daughter, who has also chosen a less-than-by-the-books lifestyle for herself. Apparently, Mickey's as-of-yet unnamed and uncast daughter is involved in a mysterious, dangerous incident Mickey must unravel while also dealing with life as a sheriff. 

There's no word as to whether  "Fire Country" characters will pop up in "Sheriff Country" at regular intervals, but there's a familial connection between Mickey and her mother series. She is the formerly estranged stepsister of family matriarch Sharon Leone (Diane Farr of "The Drew Carey Show"). Audiences may have to wait a while to see how Mickey's life will pan out, but until then, they can enjoy Season 3 of "Fire Country," which will be headed their way this fall — if they can make it past that devastating Season 2 finale when it airs in May.