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Exclusive Star Wars Preview Reveals Captain Enoch & The Night Troopers' Black Series Debut

Hasbro is taking collectors deeper into the world of "Star Wars: Ahsoka" through the addition of a pair of long-awaited figures to its Black Series line. In celebration of this year's annual Star Wars Day, Xoop has the exclusive reveal of Captain Enoch and the Night Trooper's upcoming Black Series 2-pack, available only at Walmart. 

Captain Enoch (played by Wes Chatham) was introduced to the universe in "Star Wars: Ahsoka" Season 1. Sporting a gold-plated mask and modified Stormtrooper armor, he's a devoted follower of Grand Admiral Thrawn and leads the Night Troopers. Enoch is a key figure in the iconic villain's plans to return and regain power following Thrawn's banishment to Peridea.

Serving under Captain Enoch are the Night Troopers, undead Storm Troopers who operate as zombiefied soldiers powered and resurrected by the magick of the Great Mothers. Together, Captain Enoch and the Night Troopers provide Thrawn with a truly fearsome and frightening army of unquestioning warriors.

The fully articulated six-inch figures sport the level of detail Black Series collectors have come to expect. Each figure has cracked armor, mirroring their live-action counterpart's Kintsugi-inspired aesthetic, and wields their signature blasters. Simply put, if you've been hoping and waiting for the opportunity to assemble Grand Admiral Thrawn's army as part of your action figure display, Captain Enoch and the zombie-like Night Trooper will be welcome additions to your growing collection. 

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Xoop is also giving away a Hasbro Captain Enoch and Night Trooper Black Series Set to one lucky winner. Our giveaway begins Thursday, May 3 at 11:25 a.m. ET/8:25 a.m. PT. and ends Monday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m. ET/1 p.m. PT. To be eligible, you must follow @Xoop on X (formerly known as Twitter), and re-post our giveaway announcement. To make things even easier for you, we've included the post to share below.

The Star Wars: The Black Series Captain Enoch & Night Trooper 2-pack will be available for pre-order at 1PM ET on May 4, exclusively at Walmart. The action figure set retails for $49.99 USD and will arrive in Fall 2024.