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The Only Major Actors Still Alive From The Cast Of Dirty Harry

"Dirty Harry" stands out as one of the most memorable and influential films from the '70s. Released in 1971 and directed by veteran helmsman Don Siegel, it continued to cement Clint Eastwood's status as an A-lister and box office draw. Influenced by the Zodiac Killer, the picture follows cop Harry Callahan (Eastwood) who hunts a deadly killer and sniper known as Scorpio (Andrew Robinson). Using any means necessary, Harry uses his skills and resources to track Scorpio down and bring him to justice. 

Upon release, "Dirty Harry" caused controversy, but Eastwood said that he wasn't bothered by the film's political critiques. While some critics had issues with the action flick, most loved the picture; today, it has a solid 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Commercially, the film was a monumental success, grossing over $28 million domestically. The film's pronounced success led to four sequels, though some Dirty Harry films are ranked better than others

A film that has gone on to inspire dozens of creatives, "Dirty Harry" remains a classic because of its pulse-pounding action sequences, quotable dialogue, and extremely engaging, arguably career-defining performances. Unfortunately, seeing as the picture came out over five decades ago, a number of the movie's performers have died. Today, only two major actors from the original "Dirty Harry" are alive: Eastwood & Robinson. 

Clint Eastwood (Harry Callahan)

Clint Eastwood was already an icon before "Dirty Harry" graced theaters in the winter of 1971. Beloved for starring as the Man With No Name in Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy during the '60s, the actor's star continued to rise in the new decade. With the prolific success of "Dirty Harry," Eastwood managed to latch onto another blockbuster franchise, continuing to star as the bold and brash Harry for four sequels. While speaking with MTV in 2008, he remembered how the titular role was one of the hottest gigs in town, with Frank Sinatra almost starring in the picture. Today, it's probably Eastwood's most iconic role, with the actor telling the outlet that he's always asked to quote his character's lines. 

If Eastwood wrapped up his career with "Dirty Harry," he would have stood out as one of America's greatest thespians. Luckily for audiences, the actor hates the idea of taking it easy. The same year "Dirty Harry" debuted, Eastwood directed his first picture, the psychological thriller "Play Misty for Me." At the time, fans didn't realize that Eastwood would emerge as one of the most celebrated directors of all time. He has helmed over 30 films, including the fourth Dirty Harry flick, "Sudden Impact." Some of his best-known productions include "American Sniper," "Million Dollar Baby," and "Gran Torino." 

To date, he's managed to nab 11 Oscar nominations, with the creative maverick winning best director for "Million Dollar Baby" and "Unforgiven," which is widely considered to be Eastwood's best film. Over 90 years old, Eastwood continues to direct (and occasionally star in) pictures. 

Andrew Robinson (Scorpio)

Andrew Robinson made his cinematic debut in "Dirty Harry" as the devious Scorpio killer. While speaking with Rue Morgue, he explained how Clint Eastwood offered him the part after seeing him in an off-Broadway performance. It turned out to be the role of a lifetime for the actor, who made a splash in the entertainment industry. "It was euphoria. The first time I saw the film before it came out, I was watching it, and I'm thinking, 'I can't believe this!'" he said, describing his initial thoughts on the picture. However, things soured when the film received backlash from certain critics and viewers. 

Robinson explained that after the film's success, he decided to move away from Los Angeles and live in a small town because he was only being offered sinister roles similar to the Scorpio. "It was a very smart move because for about five years I was completely removed from the scene. And finally, that Scorpio part was in the rear-view mirror for me." 

Once he was ready to return to acting, Robinson became a major supporting player in some of the most iconic films from the '80s. Audiences will remember him for starring as Larry Cotton in the Hellraiser franchise and for his appearance as a detective in Sylvester Stallone's "Cobra." Robinson was also prolific on the small screen, appearing in the recurring role of Admiral Thomas Kly on "JAG" and playing Garak on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."