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Ghosts Season 3: Pete's New Ghost Power In Episode 9 Changes Everything

Contains spoilers for "Ghosts" Season 3, Episode 9 — "The Traveling Agent" 

Pete Martino (Richie Moriarty) has become the peacemaking heart of the "Ghosts" gang over the decades — which is why the power he discovers he harbors during "The Traveling Agent" is so startling. He accidentally realizes that his gift allows him to move beyond the borders of the Woodstone Manor property. That's something no other ghost can do. But Pete can't simply blip to any locale he wishes to visit; he's still bound by the means of physical travel and must, for instance, get a ticket on a plane to visit his daughter.

Poor Pete has a terrible time trying to master this new power. Things have changed an awful lot since the 1980s, and the modern world — and other, meaner ghosts — make his first venture into town frightening. The other ghosts help him realize his power is part and parcel of the fact that he never got to leave town often despite being a travel agent. This manifestation of his wishes ultimately helps him see more of the world, encourages his independence, and allows him to see his family outside of the manor home.

While Pete might be a big exception to the rule, there's a perfectly logical reason why the rest of the Woodstone Manor ghosts can't breach the boundaries of the mansion's property line. 

The other ghosts can't leave Woodstone because they're bound to where they died

There's a well-established reason why the ghosts haunting Woodstone Manor can't leave the estate. Per the lore established throughout the series, the ghosts in question are bound to the location where they died and usually where their bones rest until they are called to enter Heaven. That's why the characters are free to roam into the woods around the manor house itself, but cannot enter the houses bordering the estate or leave the property line. It's also why other ghosts — like Jessica ("Superstore" star Nichole Sakura, who changed her name to reclaim her heritage) — are bound to the places where they die and can't enter the manor house. In Jessica's case, that place is her car. 

That's caused some major problems for the ghosts. For instance, Thorfinn (Devan Chandler Long of "Doom Patrol") has a son named Bjorn (Christian Jadah) who died on a neighboring property; they communicate by shouting across the way to one another. Sasappis (Román Zaragoza) has fallen in love with two different ghosts who live near the property line and whom he must make special arrangements to see — Jessica and Shiki, the latter of whom Sass had loved from afar but never approached romantically in life. While he's had to arrange those connections with the help of the living, Sass has nonetheless managed to make both relationships work to differing degrees. It just goes to show that death can't stop true love. 

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