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What Happened To My 600-Lb Life's Robin McKinley & Garrett Rogers?

"My 600-lb Life" has featured some truly inspiring stories. Many fans believe Season 4's Nikki Webster had the most uplifting experience due to her infectious personality. It's much preferable to see something like that than one of the numerous "My 600-lb Life" trainwrecks. It's also nice to see a participant receive family support, which happens when Robin McKinley and her nephew, Garrett Rogers, see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan during Season 7.

While much of the episode focuses on McKinley's struggles with weight loss, Rogers joins her on your journey, as he's also gained a lot of weight despite being so much younger. The end of the episode sees them both attain great strides to improve their health, as McKinley goes from weighing 648 pounds to 395 pounds. Meanwhile, Rogers ends up at 337 pounds after starting the episode at just over 600 pounds. They continued to live healthily even during the pandemic.

While their initial episode aired in 2019, fans see a follow-up in a 2023 installment of "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?" Robin and her husband, James, moved in with Garrett and his father during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The episode shows how they supported each other during a tumultuous time, with McKinely and Rogers ending up at 223 and 227 pounds, respectively. 

Robin McKinley and Garrett Rogers seem much happier over social media

Some "My 600-lb Life" participants, like Chris Parsons, are completely unrecognizable after appearing on the TLC reality show. The same could be said of Robin McKinley and Garrett Rogers, who look significantly different at the end of their episode. That installment concludes with the two sharing a meal after talking about how their lives have improved following weight loss surgery, and social media suggests things have only improved from there. 

Fans knew McKinley was probably doing all right even before seeing the follow-up episode. On April 9, 2022, she posted "Before" and "After" photos spaced nine years apart to Instagram, looking much healthier in the latter. And things also got much better for Rogers. On October 15 of that same year, McKinley uploaded a video of Rogers' wedding ceremony (where she was the officiant) to Instagram. It highlights how close the two became after going through such an intense journey together. 

Every so often, there are "My 600-lb Life" episodes where family members intentionally or unintentionally try to sabotage someone's weight loss. They may want the person to stay obese to have some level of control over them. That's why it's so refreshing to see a story where two family members had each others' backs, always showing how they were in it together.