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Netflix's Secret Codes Explained: How To Access Hidden Films And TV Shows

The sheer number of streaming services out there can make finding the next great show or movie difficult due to the overabundance of material. Even if you just stick to Netflix, the amount of content the platform carries can lead to the same problem: How to find a title you're in the mood for without having to browse through dozens of other works and painstakingly add the interesting-looking ones to your bloated, ever-expanding queue? 

Fortunately, there's a way to make your quest to find your next Netflix favorite easier. Since its beginning, the streaming service has quietly built a series of secret codes that allow you to use your browser to search specific genres and categories. All you need to do is type "netflix.com/browse/genre/" in the address bar and type in the code of your choice. For instance, if you just watched "American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders" and want to check out other true crime documentaries available on Netflix, just finish that URL with the numerical code "9875" to get a list of chilling options to choose from.  

Some of the handier codes can be found on Netflix's Tudum website, though if you're looking for a comprehensive list, it might lead to even more difficulties in choosing. After all, Netflix has over 36,000 different category codes to choose from, illustrating how specific these things can get. 

Netflix has secret codes for everything

To get an idea of how much the secret Netflix codes can help you narrow your search, let's take a look at their sheer range. For instance, it's only natural that the streaming service has codes for their 1980s (2314106) and 1990s (2691941) titles, and compact offerings that time-starved viewers can comfortably binge in one night (3178549). However, you might not have guessed that Netflix has genres inspired by the classic "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" party game (81614959), or a specific list of 90-minute movies (81466194). 

The genre codes vary from handy guides like "K-dramas for Beginners" (2953105) and "High Brow Horror" (3261672) to fun curiosities like "Twisted Christmas" (2300975), which effectively rolls out a list of Netflix's best Christmas movies for people who hate the holidays. "I love feel-good Christmas movies, but at the same time, I'm on the 'Die Hard' is a Christmas movie team," curation strategist Mary McIlwain told Tudum. "So I wanted a row where that could be highlighted."