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Ghosts Season 3: Flower's Episode 9 Return Changes A Relationship In A Huge Way

Contains spoilers for "Ghosts" Season 3, Episode 9 — "The Traveling Agent"

The revelation that resident "Ghosts" hippie Flower (Sheila Carrasco) hasn't been whisked off the Woodstone Manor property at all but in fact simply stumbled her way into a well while chasing a butterfly has been a total blessing to her friends and family. But to one of the ghosts closest to her, it's brought up a bit of a pickle.

Flower's boyfriend, Thor (Devan Chandler Long), mourns her disappearance deeply during the first seven episodes of Season 3. But now that Flower's been rescued as part of a tragic series first in Episode 8, Thor has no idea how to tell her that he indulged in a sexual relationship with the irascible cholera ghost Nancy (Betsy Sodaro) while she was gone. When he finally confesses, Flower's unbothered — until Nancy tells Flower that Thor begged her to keep quiet about the liaison because it meant nothing to him. Flower takes Nancy's side, telling Thor she's unsure how they can proceed romantically.

After some soul-searching, Flower tells Thor that she has decided that the best solution to the problem is turning their two-way relationship into a three-way one by adding Nancy to it. Since Thor isn't in love with Nancy, he's less than enthusiastic about Flower's free-loving idea. While it remains up in the air as to how the triad might settle into a routine when "The Traveling Agent" concludes, if Nancy ends up in a relationship with Thor and Flower at the same time, she'll become one of the most romantically successful ghosts in the sitcom. 

Nancy previously dated another of the Ghosts

Thorfin isn't the only ghost that Nancy's had a romantic relationship with — though in the case of Pete Martino (Richie Moriarty), the connection was one of convenience instead of true romance.

During Season 1 episode "Sam's Mom," Sasappis (Román Zaragoza) blurts out that Pete has a crush on 1920s jazz singer Alberta (Danielle Pinnock). Desperate to keep his attraction to the chanteuse under cover, Pete lies that his true intended is Nancy. Though the connection is fake from the get-go, Nancy is thrilled to move upstairs and tries to convince Pete to make a go of the relationship. She also encourages Pete to toughen up. As a result, fighting breaks out among the ghosts. Pete puts the genie back in the bottle by finally asserting himself, and Nancy, her objective accomplished, fondly breaks up with him and returns to the basement.

Pete and Nancy's connection doesn't end there, though. During Season 3's "The Silent Partner," Pete lies to his wife, Carol (Caroline Aaron) — who dies during a Halloween party at the mansion earlier in the season — that he's in a relationship. Both Alberta and Nancy step forward to claim they're Pete's girlfriend, but ultimately Pete ends up in an on-again-off again relationship with Carol ... who sleeps with Thor during Flower's absence and, as we learn during "The Traveling Agent," also slept with Nancy as well. With a romantic trapezoid like this one afoot, who knows where love may lie next.