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The James Bond Trailer With Henry Cavill & Margot Robbie Is Amazing (But It's AI)

That amazing "James Bond" trailer you've been obsessed with is fake. With Daniel Craig out of the role, audiences are eager to see who the franchise ties down next as its leading man. Rumors have suggested that "James Bond" producers have found Craig's successor in Aaron Taylor-Johnson but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. As 007 fans wait, an AI-generated "James Bond" trailer featuring Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie has gone viral, teasing what James Bond's 26th adventure could look like. Created by KH Studio, the fanmade promo has amassed over 3.6 million views in two weeks, signaling just how popular the fan casts are. 

The AI-generated trailer, which is just over 90 seconds long, effortlessly imagines the "Man of Steel" actor as everyone's favorite British spy. Using repurposed clips and dialogues from other films, the trailer suggests that this fan film isn't an origin story like Craig's "Casino Royale." In the clip, Cavill's Bond goes head-to-head against Robbie's mysterious villain, though it's unclear what her plans are. It should be noted that Cavill, while British, is heard with an American accent in the trailer. 

Overall, it's a solid concept that has fans excited for what the next "James Bond" installment looks like. "Can someone please start a petition to make Henry the next James Bond?" asked YouTube user @thefocusedladybug. "I have nothing against Aaron Taylor but [we] all know Henry was the best fit for this." This sentiment was also echoed by @IamWhoYouSayIam, who wrote, "Henry has the swag and debonair for 007 period!" 

Are Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie going to be in the next James Bond?

As exciting as the prospect of the Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie-led "James Bond" trailer is, neither actor is confirmed to join the franchise. The trailer, which definitely looks AI-generated, does a compelling job of introducing the two to the universe, however. As of this writing, no actor has been attached to the role of James Bond, meaning Cavill's inclusion is nothing more than a fan cast.

Ever since the actor made his blockbuster debut in "Man of Steel," audiences have been hoping for the British superstar to take on the mantle of 007 ... but that probably won't happen. Cavill came close to being cast as James Bond in 2005 but the gig ultimately went to Daniel Craig. Since then, Cavill has kept busy with tons of high-profile pictures and has no idea if he'll ever get the coveted gig. In a chat with "The Rich Eisen Show" in 2024, Cavill wondered if he was too old for the role now and ultimately said the decision is up to Bond's producers. 

As for Robbie, it's difficult to imagine how she already hasn't been in a "Bond" release. But seeing as the star has blown up in recent years — Robbie signed a huge Warner Bros. film deal after the success of "Barbie" — it seems like the Australian star is more concerned with headlining films she can produce. For now, audiences will just have to patiently wait and see who the next "James Bond" stars are.