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The How I Met Your Mother Animated Movie Could Look Like This, According To AI

Admit it: "How I Met Your Mother" would be absolutely adorable if it was animated. One of CBS's most popular offerings from the 2000s, the series emerged as a hopeful romantic comedy that filled the void of sitcom classics like "Friends" and "Seinfeld." While the series jumped the shark in its later seasons, "HIMYM" is still remembered for its cheerful ensemble cast, core narrative, and use of flashbacks and forwards. The series received a spiritual successor in the form of 2022's "How I Met Your Father," which was unceremoniously canceled after its second season. Since then, the franchise hasn't been revitalized, but Instagram artist AI Dreams has a great idea of how to move the story forward. 

With the use of artificial intelligence, the artist has created a concept for what an animated "How I Met Your Mother" movie could look like, and the results are extremely cute. 

In the fan images, classic "HIMYM" characters like Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) and Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel) are given the animation treatment. The depictions are fairly accurate and have a sort of Pixar sheen to them. Some facial features, like the eyes, are exaggerated, but overall it's a solid concept that pays tribute to one of the most popular sitcoms from the last decade. 

Characters are seen wearing their classic clothes, with Stinson looking particularly dapper in a suit. Tracy (Cristin Milioti), aka "The Mother," is seen sporting her classic yellow umbrella — an iconic prop that has gone on to define the series.  

Is a How I Met Your Mother movie in production?

As compelling as this AI-generated fan concept is, there's no "How I Met Your Mother" movie in production, though it's certainly not out of the question. Unfortunately, its follow-up series "How I Met Your Father" was canceled, which means the franchise's overall concept is on the back burner at the moment. But as the years pass, it's possible that the project's creatives will try to revitalize the property. 

While the series leaned into mature subject matter, the project's core premise was mostly wholesome, which makes the idea of an animated picture interesting. A romantic comedy at heart, a stripped-back "How I Met Your Mother" could make for a cheeky animated film that appeals to both younger audiences and hardcore fans of the show. A studio like Pixar and Illumination could do wonders with the project, focusing on Ted's (Josh Radnor) quest for love without all the B-plot hijinks. 

The concept would also excel as an animated television show, providing fans with a different perspective of their favorite characters. Seeing as cast members like Jason Segel have previously expressed interest in a "HIMYM" reunion, an animated project would be a great way to get the gang back together. Though nothing is in production, a reboot or remake of "How I Met Your Mother" could also improve upon the original by making the fan-favorite alternate ending the canonical one.