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The X-Men Animated Opening In LEGO Is A Marvel You Can't Miss

When it comes to theme songs, few are more notable, catchy, and unskippable than the anthem that plays over the opening of "X-Men: The Animated Series." It's so iconic that when "X-Men '97" was in development, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige stipulated the revival needed the intro song to make the show's return possible. And so, when the revival finally arrived on Disney+, it brought the theme back with updated graphics and animation. Now, to celebrate the series' success, YouTube channel LegoBricks Studio has re-animated the intro using models from the Mecabricks website, transforming Marvel's mighty mutants into minifigs battling each other in a world made of LEGO.

The animation replaces the X-Men, their iconic text intros, and moments from the show with LEGO-style substitutions. As he does in the show's opening montage, Cyclops uses his optic beams to slice down Sentinels, but here they break apart like, well, LEGO, while Rogue is shown hurling one of the mutant-hunting robots to the ground with her amazing powers. The animation takes full advantage of its LEGO setting, with Beast even spinning his minifig head to change his expression.

The video isn't an exact remake of the "X-Men '97" opening. It doesn't feature Morph, for example, and it takes some creative liberties by adding characters like Deadpool, who don't exist in the real intro. Still, the video is an impressive display of creativity, translating the iconic cartoon's opening credits into the world of LEGO.

X-Men '97 can be found in real LEGO form

If LegoBricks Studio's recreation of the "X-Men '97" intro inspires you to want to build your own LEGO mutant set, there are options available. After all, given the rave reviews for and the wave of nostalgia surrounding "X-Men '97," it makes sense that Marvel and LEGO have already teamed up for a few sets fans can build.

The most impressive release so far is the X-Men's X-Jet fighter plane, a 359-piece set that comes with the ship itself, as well as minifigs of Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, and Magneto. Meanwhile, Wolverine fans can build a fully jointed Construction Figure of the clawed hero thanks to a 327-piece set showcasing Logan in his iconic yellow suit. Wolverine's claws can also be built in LEGO's Wolverine Adamantium Claw set, with the build highlighting the hero's deadliest weapons. The set has 596 pieces and is intended for older LEGO collectors.

Considering the level of excitement expressed by "X-Men '97" fans, coupled with the possible characters, locations, and ships available to translate into brick form, LEGO will likely reveal more sets inspired by the show's heroes and villains in the future. But for now, only a few sets are available, so once those have all been built, we'll have to get our LEGO X-Men fix by rewatching the fan trailer a few more times.