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Does Earth Exist In The Star Wars Universe?

With over four decades of canon material behind it, it's no surprise that the "Star Wars" galaxy is massive. It seems with each passing project that more worlds are added to the map, each with distinct looks, attributes, and inhabitants. Thanks to "Ahsoka," which is emerging as the most important "Star Wars" series, this list of planets has gotten even larger with the introduction of an entirely new galaxy. With all that said, one has to wonder, does the planet Earth exist somewhere in the vastness of the "Star Wars" universe?

Technically speaking, Earth is a locale within the "Star Wars" canon, having been confirmed as such by the most unlikely of sources. This revelation comes from the iconic Disney Parks attraction, Star Tours — a ride where the Star Tours Travel Agency takes passengers across the stars to visit key "Star Wars" locations — on its flight boards. It lists the Earth System as one of its destinations primarily visited on journeys to the Endor system. Seeing as both the ride and the Star Tours Travel Agency are considered canon, the same also applies to Earth.

If one looks at non-canon "Star Wars" materials, even more mentions of Earth can be found.

Earth is more often brought up in non-canon Star Wars media

In "Star Wars" Legends material, Earth is not a major player in the galaxy's many conflicts, but it's at least present. As it turns out, there are "Star Wars" works that aren't even considered canon to the Legends continuity. This is where one is most likely to find mentions of Earth. For instance, it's at the center of a story in the "Galactic Gossip" tabloid from 1993's "Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas," where it's known as Urthha. It details the night a Duros couple was abducted by Urthha humans shortly after their wedding. The "Star Wars"-"Simpsons" crossovers also prominently feature Earth.

Perhaps the most famous overall non-canon Earth-focused "Star Wars" tale is "Into the Great Unknown" by writer W. Haden Blackman and artist Sean Murphy. The 2004 story sees Chewbacca and Han Solo send their ship, the Millennium Falcon, off into hyperspace without a destination. They land on a planet in a heavily wooded area and are attacked by enemies. In the skirmish, Han is killed by arrow-inflicted wounds. It turns out this planet is Earth and the attackers were Native Americans. Over a century later, none other than Indiana Jones and Short Round discover the Falcon while searching for the Sasquatch, aka a surviving Chewie.

At the end of the day, Earth is an incredibly small part of the grand "Star Wars" tapestry, even including non-canon and Legends mentions. At least fans can visit real-life "Star Wars" locations around the Blue Marble and get a sense of what it could be like if it were more closely attached to the galaxy far, far away.