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Shemar Moore Explained Why He Called Out CBS For Canceling S.W.A.T. In That Viral Video

Fans of "S.W.A.T." likely know that no one's a bigger cheerleader for the program than Hondo himself, Shemar Moore. The actor made an Instagram post when the show was canceled ahead of its seventh season in 2023, decrying the decision's unfairness and asking the audience — and fans of his previous hit series, "Criminal Minds" — to rally behind him in trying to save the show.

"I know nothing lasts forever. But last year, when they tried to cancel this and I put up my little video, it wasn't for me. It was for us — the show, the crew, everybody from top to bottom. It was like, 'Okay, nothing lasts forever, but we shouldn't finish like this. We deserve to bow out gracefully,'" the actor told People Magazine in April about his campaign to get "S.W.A.T." a farewell season. The viral video worked, and CBS saved the drama for a seventh — and seemingly final — season. Moore was clearly overjoyed that his efforts had paid off, but he told the show's crew not to rest on their laurels and behave as if they had many more episodes before them. "I told everybody in the family of S.W.A.T., 'If this is the end, hold your head up high, but work really, really hard and give them something to think about because maybe it's not," he said.

And for a second time, Moore's sticktoitiveness has been a great boon for fans worldwide, drawing a reaction to the "S.W.A.T." Season 8 renewal that was completely perfect.

Shemar Moore's hard work paid off when S.W.A.T. was renewed ... twice

Shemar Moore's determination paid off great dividends when — for a second time — "S.W.A.T." managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It was a renewal Moore seemed to predict with great confidence when it arrived in April. And the ever-determined actor — who didn't take 'no' for an answer the first time cancellation loomed over the drama — wasn't about to bow his head and allow the series to go out on a low note.

"Getting canceled the first time was like a sucker punch and in boxing, it put us to a knee — and my mama raised me to always get up. So I told S.W.A.T., 'Okay, we're on a knee. But we're gonna fight and we're gonna get up. We may lose in the end, but we're gonna lose standing.' That's why I'm so passionate about this show," he told People. Moore then noted that the first renewal inspired him to keep going until the second one came through. "I got S.W.A.T. to say 'Maybe it's not the end,' It is not going to last forever. There will be life after S.W.A.T. for me and many others. But right now, I'm not done being Hondo and bringing this show to life," he related.

Moore has another year to bring Hondo's world to life — and with any luck, the role he calls a dream job will stay alive for many more seasons to come.