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Stranger Things: Only One Character Has A Higher Kill Count Than Eleven

You can't be an Eggo-loving military experiment without capping a few bad guys. Such is the burden that comes with "Stranger Things" hero Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who can make heads pop with a mere thought. Understandably, this ability means that there's a high death count linked to the biggest hero of Hawkins, who's racked up an incredible 21 kills since Netflix's flagship show began in 2016, according to an analysis by Decider. Soldiers, scientists, and unfortunate souls infected by the Upside Down have succumbed to Eleven's powers. But there's one other character who has done almost twice as much damage, and understandably, it's her terrifying nemesis, Henry Creel, aka Vecna, aka One (Jamie Campbell Bower).

As a villain, Henry has plenty of accolades, even being the "Stranger Things" villain that made Millie Bobby Brown break down in tears. Up to now, according to Decider, the problem child of the Creel family has taken out a terrifying 40 people who were outmatched by the Upside Down's greatest threat. Some of them were, of course, members of his own family, but over the years, Victor has quite literally snapped up victims that were even pinned to axe-thrashing dungeon master Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). 

But while Eleven's hit list is full of certified kills throughout her time on "Stranger Things," there's one target that hit closer to home at the end of "Stranger Things" Season 4, and it's a number that might not stick by the time the final season rolls around.

Max might not be a hit that sticks in Stranger Things Season 5

While there are 40 confirmed kills from Vecna, there's a 41st target that may have slipped his grasp and might come back from the brink in "Stranger Things" Season 5. Of all the casualties that the 4th season was crammed with, none hit harder than the Max (Sadie Sink) shocker in "Stranger Things" 4 Volume 2. Like Eddie's, it was a loss we weren't ready to accept, but there was enough hinted at in the finale to suggest she isn't going to be out of action forever.

It feels a safe bet that Eleven and company are going to do their very best to bring their friend back from the Upside Down or whatever void Vecna has thrown her into in the show's final season. Should they be successful (and let's hope they are), Creel's stats would stay at 40 for now. As for Eleven? We really aren't concerned about her getting her numbers any higher. All we can hope for is that when "Stranger Things" Season 5 does roll around, there's One more space to fill. 

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