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The Real Reason Roshawn Franklin's Hobbs Left FBI

"FBI" fans received a shock during the Season 6 premiere when Trevor Hobbs (Roshawn Franklin) was gunned down in a restaurant. While it isn't uncommon for characters to be killed off in police procedurals, Hobbs' death was a surprise given that Franklin was a series regular. That said, the nature of the actor's exit from the CBS drama remains a mystery, though it seems to have been a creative decision.

While Franklin has yet to comment on his departure from the hit series, others have discussed Hobbs' death and why it happened. While speaking with TV Insider, "FBI" star Missy Peregrym revealed that Hobbs was killed to remind viewers that their characters' careers are serious and have consequences. "The point is, it's a very heavy episode about the risk of the jobs that we do and how much it affects us when things go the wrong way, and that's how we start the season," she said.

Showrunner Rick Eid echoed this sentiment, telling Parade that the decision to kill Hobbs wasn't made lightly. Not only that, but it will continue to reverberate throughout Season 6. "The consequences of this tragedy will linger throughout the season," Eid noted. "The premiere episode is definitely surprising — and very emotional." Despite the reasoning behind the decision, however, Hobbs' death has left "FBI" fans divided.

FBI fans' reaction to Trevor Hobbs' death

Roshawn Franklin isn't the only actor who's parted ways with the CBS drama. Shantel VanSanten exited "FBI" but returned to the franchise later on. Meanwhile, Sela Ward left "FBI" after just one season. With that in mind, how did fans react to Franlin's sudden departure?

According to Reddit user u/genghbotkhan, viewers should have seen Trevor Hobbs' death coming all along. "You always knew Hobbs was chump meat after several seasons in the office and he goes out in the field." However, X (formerly Twitter) user @jamaicandougla thinks his tragic demise has already become an afterthought in Season 6. "Are we sure anyone cared about Hobbs besides Tiff and his wife?" they wrote, adding that the other characters have barely reacted to his passing since it happened.

Elsewhere, some viewers noted that Dick Wolf-created series always have high cast turnovers, so Franklin's exit shouldn't be that surprising. "It is common among Dick Wolf shows, but it has been stated that the cast rotations are the reason why his shows last so long," u/kayky97 wrote. "I think change is good."

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