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The Bear Season 3 Leak Confirms The Return Of A Fan-Favorite Character

The third season of "The Bear" is currently filming on location on Chicago, and a familiar face was spotted amongst the fray — specifically, Will Poulter.

A Will Poulter fan account on X (formerly known as Twitter), @bestofpoulter, posted a video of the "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" alum on set, where he's visible as part of a crowd where several actors and crew members mill about during an apparent break in filming. Judging from a smattering responses from fans beneath the post, they were pretty psyched about Poulter's character Luca returning to the award-winning series.

After Season 1 of Christopher Storer's show — which centers on Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto (Emmy winner Jeremy Allen White), a high-end chef who returns to Chicago and takes over his late brother's sandwich shop — became an instant sensation, Season 2 was able to score some seriously incredible guest stars, including Poulter. (Olivia Colman, Sarah Paulson, John Mulaney, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Bob Odenkirk, just to name a few, were on hand as well.) So who does Poulter play, exactly? He appears in the season's fourth episode "Honeydew," where, in Copenhagen, he takes Carmy's talented pastry chef Marcus Brooks (Lionel Boyce) under his wing and teaches him even more about the craft of cooking.

Will Poulter's scenes during The Bear Season 2 were a welcome break from the usual chaos

Anyone who's watched "The Bear" know just how intense it can be at any given moment, and during Season 1, that intensity rarely — if ever — lets up for even a moment. Carmy comes from Michelin-starred restaurants and wants to turn The Original Beef of Chicagoland into a high-caliber establishment; in Season 2, that wish slowly becomes a reality as Carmy and his team battle against time and bureaucracy alike to accomplish their goal of creating a restaurant named The Bear. Along the way, he wants his staff to learn the ins and outs of fine dining. For his obstinate "cousin" Richie (fellow Emmy winner Ebon Moss-Bacharach), that means staging (or training) in an elite Chicago restaurant in the episode "Forks," one of the season's standouts. For his eager, brilliant sous chef Sydney Adamu (another fellow Emmy winner Ayo Edebiri), it means eating her way through the city in "Sundae," the second episode. For Marcus, it means working with Luca in "Honeydew" while exploring Copenhagen in his spare time.

Luca's kind mentorship in "Honeydew" is a striking contrast to the often-difficult, harsh world of haute cuisine shown on "The Bear," and it also manages to give dimension to Carmy without him appearing alongside Will Poulter in a single scene (it's suggested that Carmy once taught Luca himself). Later in Season 2, Marcus receives a gift from Luca to celebrate The Bear's opening, bringing the moment full circle ... and apparently, there's still more of Luca's story to tell in Season 3.