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The Manscaped Commercial Song Is Impossible To Find - But You Can See An Extended Cut

There's no telling what makes a commercial popular. Sometimes, it takes being one of the most-watched Super Bowl commercials to capture the audience's imagination, while other companies can grab everyone's attention by replacing a spokesperson with another actor. Male grooming company Manscaped's "The Boys" ad opts for a combination of creativity and comedy to engage viewers. The commercial shows a man going about his daily routines accompanied by the titular boys — two smaller versions of himself with long, unkempt curly hair and beards. It soon becomes clear what the pair symbolizes, especially since the ad ends with them completely bald and clean-shaven, courtesy of a new Manscaped personal groomer.

Still, while the visuals of the ad are entertaining enough, many viewers are even more enamored with the catchy, old-timey song playing as the action unfolds. The good news is that there's an extended 45-second cut of the commercial, which features a longer version of the tune in question. However, that's about the extent of it.

The song is an original work by an ad music company called Quiet City and was composed specifically for the campaign. As such, this isn't one of those cases where you can find out which artist's music the ad uses and add the song to your playlist. In fact, since the song is custom-made, it's possible that a longer version of the song doesn't even exist, and the entirety of the tune is what plays in the longest Manscaped "The Boys" ad available.

Who sings the song in that Manscaped commercial with 'The Boys'?

Because Manscaped's "The Boys" ad song is a custom creation, it appears that unnamed studio professionals are responsible for its music and vocals. As such, unless more information about the song surfaces, its singer might have to be filed under "unsolved internet mystery" ... for the time being, at least.

That being said, if you're looking for similar music, it's worth noting that the song bears considerable resemblance to The Teskey Brothers' ballad "Forever You and Me." The Australian band's song is a bluesier, more mellow affair than the Manscaped song, and the vocals are obviously different — but there are enough similarities in tune, tone, and general vibe that fans of the ad's song might at least want to check the group's song out.

It's easy to assume that a well-known song might yield better results than an original one, but crafting a song from scratch has produced some serious earworm ads before. For instance, Disney forced Michael Jordan's "Be Like Mike" Gatorade commercial to create an original song when they charged too much for the use of "I Wanna Be Like You" from "The Jungle Book." This resulted in an all-original pop song that fit the ad's tone perfectly and made it an instant hit with fans.