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Jon Seda United With Multiple Generations Of Chicago PD Stars For A Cryptic Photo

Might a behind-the-scenes picture hint that Jon Seda is headed back to "Chicago P.D."? Or was he making an on-set visit? Posted to the actor's Instagram on April 17, the image is captioned, "It was great to see you guys!" It is then hashtagged #onechicago and #chicagopd, and Seda credits assistant director Sam Alvelo with taking the image. The picture features Seda on the set of the drama with current cast members Jason Beghe and Benjamin Levy Aguilar and former cast member Jesse Lee Soffer, who has returned to "Chicago P.D." to direct an episode. 

While Soffer's presence on the set may be explicable, Seda's poses an interesting question. Might he be making an on-screen appearance as Antonio Dawson, perhaps to shepherd off Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) as Season 11 ends? Is he popping in for another reason entirely? Or will he stay off-screen? In any event, Seda has previously joked about returning to the drama and has acknowledged that the door remains wide open for Antonio's return.

That matter currently remains up in the air, but one thing's for certain: Dawson was alive but in a precarious place when he last appeared on "Chicago P.D." — one that may be quite dangerous for him if he ever returns to the city.

Antonio Dawson was left in an open-ended place during his exit

When we last saw Antonio Dawson on "Chicago P.D.," he was coping with an addiction to pain medication. Dawson is first prescribed the pills while he's rehabbing a shoulder injury during Season 6. While the injury heals, Dawson keeps taking the pills and then obtains more through illegal channels. It initially doesn't seem like a big deal to his colleagues, but eventually, Dawson's drug-induced rage gets the better of him. He murders one of the men who has kidnapped his daughter.

Dawson tries to take the blame for the crime. Still, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) arranges for him to be spirited off to rehab before anyone can figure anything out about the extralegal murder he's committed. He resigns off-screen and eventually moves to Puerto Rico. Gabriella Dawson (Monica Raymund) from "Chicago Fire" makes a brief appearance on "Chicago P.D." during Season 7 to say that Antonio is now working as a crisis response team member in the Bahamas, indicating that he has passed a drug test and is officially sober. Antonio himself stays off-screen and doesn't return to Chicago — and fans of the drama will have to keep watching to see if he ever risks returning to the city.