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The Curb Your Enthusiasm Criticism Larry David Absolutely Hates

HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has been a staple of the small-screen comedy scene for over a decade, and while Larry David's series is no "Seinfeld," it's widely praised and adored in its own right. For 12 seasons, viewers have watched David play a fictionalized version of himself, offering commentary and critique on all of society's minute, often inconsequential nuances — typically rubbing those around him the wrong way. Ironically, this premise has drawn criticism itself over the years, and there's one frequent assessment of the program that David has made it clear he absolutely despises.

To commemorate the end of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," much of the series' cast appeared at PaleyFest to discuss it and its legacy. Later in the conversation, the matter of the show's brand of comedy being referred to as "cringey" came up, prompting David to share his candid feelings on this widespread assessment. "After the second or third show I hear, 'Oh it's cringey, I'm cringing, I have to leave the room.' When people call it cringe comedy, I want to wring their necks," the actor said, making his hatred for such remarks quite obvious (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Thankfully, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" often being misrepresented as cringe comedy hasn't harmed David's love for the project.

Critiques haven't diminished David's love for the series

The fictional "Curb Your Enthusiasm" version of Larry David has done some terrible things and gotten himself into hot water with friends and strangers alike throughout the series. He's abrasive, rude, and occasionally nonchalant in the face of real tragedy. Odds are that if he created the show, he'd make good on the real Larry David's threat to wring the necks of those who call it a cringe comedy. While there may be some overlap, these two Davids are indeed different entities, with the real one going as far as showing genuine love and appreciation for the show he'd starred on since 2000.

"I've been unbelievably lucky, twice, to be surrounded by just the greatest cast and just a comedy that we were able to produce," he said at PaleyFest, looking back on his time on both "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Seinfeld." He added that working on "Curb" has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of his life and that he's a bit sad that it has come to an end. "To do that, to write it and then film it — I can't imagine how I could ever have had more fun in my life," David added.

Aside from the blood-boiling cringe criticism, Larry David clearly holds a great fondness for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and cherishes the memories of making it a reality. With the 12th and final season completed, time will tell what the future holds for David, though one has to wonder if Jerry Seinfeld's amping up of "Seinfeld" reunion rumors with him will amount to anything down the line.