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Baby Reindeer Fans Are Convinced You Can Hear Martha's Real Laugh In This Clip

Some of Netflix's biggest hits have been miniseries based on true crime events. "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" became one of Netflix's hugest successes ever, and the streaming platform got hit with a lawsuit for "Inventing Anna." To carry on this legacy of real-life crimes inspiring TV shows, "Baby Reindeer" has taken over the conversation on social media. The limited series is about Richard Gadd's experience with a stalker, with Gadd portraying the fictional Donny Dunn, a man tormented by Martha Scott (Jessica Gunning). The show cracked Netflix's Top 10 Shows in its first week of release, and viewers have found another wrinkle in the story that makes watching the show all the creepier. 


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The TikTok account @goggle_tok uploaded a video of Gadd doing stand-up comedy from 2012. It's already eerie to see Gadd doing stand-up after watching the Netflix series, but many have pointed out how one can hear a distinct giggle throughout the clip. Many believe the giggle belongs to the actual Martha, and it wouldn't be out of place, as "Baby Reindeer" makes a point to highlight how Martha has a distinct laugh.

It's worth noting it's impossible to see anyone in the crowd in the clip. The camera's focused on Gadd on stage with the audience in the dark, so it's impossible to get a look at who the real "Martha" — which isn't even her actual name — might be. Still, the clip's drumming up more interest in "Baby Reindeer," so perhaps more people will check it out with such material making the rounds on social media. 

There's a good chance the laugh in the clip doesn't belong to Martha

While many people assume the infectious giggle heard in the TikTok video belongs to the real Martha, plenty of evidence suggests it does not. In the comments, some people have pointed out how it's possible the video from 2012 was filmed before Richard Gadd even knew who "Martha" was. And while the laugh in the TikTok video is similar to how Jessica Gunning laughs on "Baby Reindeer," that may not have been how the real Martha would actually laugh. Gadd has been adamant in not divulging the real Martha's identity, and he told GQ in an interview, "We've gone to such great lengths to disguise her to the point that I don't think she would recognize herself. What's been borrowed is an emotional truth, not a fact-by-fact profile of someone."

Still, when it comes to anything true crime-related, audiences will seemingly want to get in on the action. From browsing TikTok and Reddit, many wannabe sleuths have tried to determine who the real "Martha" might be, and that might honestly go against the ethos of the "Baby Reindeer." Speaking with Variety about what he wanted to achieve with the show, Gadd said, "As much as it is an examination of stalking and abuse and love and loneliness, I really wanted it to be an examination of the ramifications of trauma. And I think that's quite subtle in the show, but a lot of people are really getting that aspect of it."

2024 will see many great true crime documentaries come to streaming. But people can break up their routine a bit with a fictional show only based on a true story with "Baby Reindeer."