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Deadpool 3 Finally Reveals The Villain's Powers - But They're Worse Than You Think

After getting a mere glimpse of Emma Corrin's villainous Cassandra Nova in the first "Deadpool & Wolverine" trailer, the second look at the upcoming rated-R Marvel Cinematic Universe team-up film shines a spotlight on the character even more, including a showcase of her extraordinary psychic powers. And if you're not familiar with the villain, well — she and her powers are even worse than the trailer indicates.

"Deadpool & Wolverine," starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the titular roles, will follow the Merc with a Mouth's journey across the Marvel Multiverse. This time around, Wade Wilson is working with the Time Variance Authority on a mission that appears to span several different realities. The film features characters from the previous two "Deadpool" movies and Fox's "X-Men" franchise, including Aaron Stanford's Pyro, as well as rumored appearances by heroes from the 20th Century Fox Marvel Universe and beyond, like Jennifer Garner's Elektra. However, the project will also introduce new characters to live-action, including Nova, played by Corrin.

The new "Deadpool & Wolverine" trailer not only reveals the first look at Logan's role in the movie, but it also features more scenes with Cassandra Nova. The twin sister of Charles Xavier, who debuted in "New X-Men" #114 (created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely), is set to play an important role as one of the movie's villains, if not Deadpool's primary adversary. And, in the new spot, her incredible powers are on full display, as the character shows why she's so terrifying, even to those as unkillable as Wolverine and Deadpool.

Who Is Deadpool 3's Cassandra Nova & Why is She So Terrifying?

In the "Deadpool & Wolverine" trailer, Emma Corrin's Cassandra Nova teases her incredible power potential. She's first shown stepping out of the mouth of what appears to be Ant-Man's gigantic skull. As Wolverine and Deadpool fight each other, the character sips on her tea and says, menacingly, "Boys are so silly."

Nova's powers get spotlighted as Wolverine tries to kill her, lunging at her with his unsheathed Adamantium claws, ready to slice and dice. However, his attempt to kill her ends quickly, as Nova uses her psychic abilities to easily stop the X-Man's attack. Instead of being stabbed, she makes him skewer himself before directing his claws up in the air and sending them down into the ground. Nova is later seen when Wolverine and Deadpool leap from one of the Ant-Man skull's eye sockets and escape through a portal, suggesting their encounter with her might not go as planned or that she's just one villain they meet as they traverse across worlds. Regardless, Professor X's evil twin's live-action debut is absolutely terrifying.

While Nova's story or connection to Deadpool and/or Wolverine in the movie remains a mystery for now, it seems she's responsible for the death, chaos, and calamity of the latter's said-to-be-destroyed world. If so, Logan has a deeply personal reason to take out Nova, but he'll need all the help he can get from other heroes, including Deadpool, to make it happen, as she's clearly able to easily overpower him one-on-one.

What Is Cassandra Nova's Full (and Immensely Dangerous) Power Set?

Cassandra Nova is a powerhouse in the comics, with a wide array of abilities that make her one of the greatest threats to her twin, Charles Xavier, and the X-Men.

Before they were born, Nova became the dark opposite of her brother as his anti-self and attempted to murder the X-Men leader while they were both still in the womb. In addition to failing to kill Xavier, she was stillborn, but thanks to her powers, she was eventually able to rebuild herself and her physical form. Possessing similar telepathic powers to Xavier, Nova also has the ability to manipulate mutant DNA in various ways and has an incredible healing factor, making her able to withstand even the most deadly attacks. Additionally, she can take over and inhabit other people's bodies, including members of the X-Men.

Her deadliest act is the genocide of the mutant home of Genosha, elements of which are currently being adapted in Disney+'s "X-Men '97" series. In the comics, she uses her DNA-copying powers to take control of Sentinels and unleash them on the mutant nation's population, murdering millions of people as a result.

Ultimately, Cassandra Nova represents the worst-case scenario for Charles Xavier. With her telepathic powers, the ability to rewrite DNA, and a nearly unkillable form, she's become a feared villain whose presence is always a cause for alarm for Marvel's mutants. From what little we've seen so far, "Deadpool & Wolverine" seems to do the character justice, and Emma Corrin's Nova appears to be every bit as terrifying as her comic book counterpart.