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The Fire Country Season 2 Finale Will Leave Fans 'Devastated,' Says Max Thieriot

Contains general spoilers for upcoming episodes of "Fire Country" Season 2

Tensions are already ramping up at Three Rock Camp, and it looks like the final four episodes of "Fire Country" Season 2 are not about to cool the action down. Speaking with TV Insider, Max Thieriot indicated that fans should have their tissues ready, as it's not about to get easier from here. 

"Episode 10, I think, will be really exciting and fulfilling," he said. "But I think it's also an episode that is pretty heart-wrenching and there's a little bit of devastation as well. It really is kind of filled with everything. But I think last year, where people were pissed in a weird way, this one won't have that piece, but it will have people feeling fulfilled, excited, but also devastated at other things. I think those are probably the emotions that people are going to go through." The "Fire Country" actor-producer and real-life hero added that everything starts building up to a fever pitch starting with Episode 8, and all three episodes provide a linear end-of-season story arc. "The finale ends crazy. I know last year was crazy," he teased.

One can't blame Thieriot for preparing the audience for some hard twists and turns. The last four episodes of Season 2 of "Fire Country" will feature death-defying stakes — and even a bit of romance. Since this season's been a hard one for Bode Donovan (Thieriot), things can't get worse ... or can they?

The last few episodes of Fire Country promises a wedding ... and a major battle to save

When we last left Three Rock, one gang member has escaped, leading to the introduction of possible "Fire Country" spin-off lead Sherrif Mickey Fox (Morena Baccarin) — who happens to be the sister of the very familiar-looking Sharon Leone (Diane Farr). In Episode 7, Bode — still reeling from the revelation that he's not Genevieve's (Alix West Lefler) father — finds himself caught up in a public battle between protesters who find Three Rock inhumane and the clear good he sees the program does. 

To improve the public's perception of Three Rock, Station 42 holds Edgewater's 22nd Annual Firefighter's Ball at the camp. The goal is to impress the governor and prevent Three Rock's closure. Unfortunately, a fire breaks out, and both the Three Rock Inmates and those working at Station 42 are called in to battle it. Stakes will apparently be high, and lives may be lost. It all wraps up with a season finale that sees Gabriela Perez (Stephanie Arcila) prepare to marry Diego Moreno (Jason Fernandes) — an event Bode is not looking forward to. 

Fans will have to keep watching to find out if Bode and Gabriela's percolating mutual feelings boil over into a full romance — or if the eternal triangle between these three will carry on into Season 3.