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Marvel's Fantastic Four Reboot May Still Feature A Male Silver Surfer

"Ozark" star Julia Garner is one of the big additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having been cast in "Fantastic Four." Naturally, the Internet didn't bat an eye. Oh no ... wait ... we appear to be in the wrong dimension since there was outrage over the idea that the studio hired (gasp) a woman to play the Herald of Galactus opposite Marvel's first family. Besides being fine to do so (seeing as it's 2024), it's even in line with the comics since Garner is portraying Shalla-Bal, the Fantastic Four movie's Silver Surfer replacement for Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer from the central Marvel universe. However, industry scooper Daniel Richtman might've thrown a dent in the surfboard after reporting that "Fantastic Four" will see Norrin Radd's debut. The only question is, which version will we encounter?

In the comics and the mainline Earth-616 universe, Norrin Radd is the appointed surfer among the stars, having regular run-ins with the Richards family. Shalla-Bal is his former flame before he starts picking planets for his boss, Galactus, to devour. However, in the alternate universes, the roles are reversed, which is the direction the new film could take.

Norinn Radd could be the Silver Surfer of a different dimension

When the world got its first look at the MCU's Fantastic Four, the biggest takeaway was that the film isn't set in the present. Shortly after, a "Fantastic Four" rumor explained the Marvel reboot's 1960 setting; it's not the '60s from the main timeline but from a different dimension. As a result, this could mean that while Julia Garner's character might be the Silver Surfer in their reality, whoever ends up being Norrin Radd could be the one on Earth-616, where Anthony Mackie's Captain America, Tom Holland's Spider-Man, and other heroes call home.

With this in mind, there's every chance that by the end of the superteam's debut, they may find themselves flung into Earth-616 permanently and therefore leave behind one Silver Surfer (Shalla-Bal) in place of a new one (Norinn Radd). It's all very bonkers but fitting for the Fantastic Four, who regularly wander in and out of alternate dimensions. Having the same happen on-screen wouldn't be a push. We are in the Multiverse Saga, after all. We'll have to see which surfer we meet when "Fantastic Four" arrives in theaters on July 25, 2025. 

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