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Star Trek Producers Try To Follow One Rule With Strange New Worlds

Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers have used "Strange New Worlds" to explore the fun side of space travel and push the envelope. From the spooky horror elements of "All Those Who Wander" to the romantic comedy of "Charades," the series has experimented with various genres to tell different stories. Despite the variety on display, however, the creators still have guidelines to adhere to.

While speaking to Variety, Goldsman and Myers revealed that their only rule is to make each season feel episodic. "You shouldn't have to watch a 'previously on' to watch our show," Myers said. This means viewers can pop in whenever they feel like it, knowing that the series isn't 100% beholden to pre-existing "Star Trek" media.

Goldsman and Myers intend to stick to the formula that's worked so well until now, so viewers can expect more genre-hopping adventures and episodic storytelling moving forward. Of course, the "Strange New Worlds" producers aren't the only "Star Trek" alums who've had to follow a rulebook throughout the years, as the franchise used to be much stricter.

Star Trek rules were made to be broken

"Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry was protective of his baby. As such, he devised a franchise rulebook that other producers, showrunners, and writers are supposed to abide by. Roddenberry's bible covers everything from character relationships to instructions on how "Star Trek" should approach the sci-fi genre, but some people have disobeyed the mastermind's edicts. One rule regarding "Spock" even caused a behind-the-scenes fight on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and a change was implemented as a result.

While shows like "Star Trek: Discovery" have continued to break Roddenberry's rules, their existence shows this franchise is treated with care. The creators must consider the bigger picture when developing new projects, even if they occasionally stray from the path. "Strange New Worlds" might have its own rules to follow, but the series actually breaks one of Roddenberry's, as he didn't want characters from "Star Trek: The Original Series" to be used in other shows. Times have changed since then, though, and "Strange New Worlds" is exploring new frontiers for the long-running sci-fi franchise.

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