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Liv Tyler's Only Captain America 4 Scene May Have Already Been Revealed

While "Captain America: Brave New World" may be the fourth "Captain America" film, it could also be considered the second "Incredible Hulk" movie given that many characters from the 2008 feature are set to make their return alongside Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson. This includes Thunderbolt Ross, played by Harrison Ford, who takes over for the late William Hurt. Tim Blake Nelson returns to play the villainous alter-ego of Samuel Sterns, aka the Leader; finally, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) will be back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time since 2008, but if rumors are to be believed, it may be a brief resurgence.

On April 12, social media scooper @MyTimetoShineH responded to a year-old post on X, formerly known as Twitter, pointing out how Tyler will return in "Captain America 4." However, they responded to the news with "Yes, for a scene and a half." If that information is accurate (which it may not be), fans may already know the size of Betty's role in the upcoming MCU movie.

Just Jared uploaded some set photos in March 2023 of Betty dressed in all black at a cemetery. Presumably, she's at someone's funeral, but it's unclear whose it might be. Could Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) finally bite the dust after being seen as an elderly man in "Avengers: Endgame"? It's a mystery for now, but audiences may not want to get their hopes up on seeing that much more of Betty in "Brave New World."

With so little screentime, Liv Tyler probably won't turn into Red She-Hulk

If Betty Ross truly is in only one-and-a-half scenes of "Captain America: Brave New World," it's pretty unlikely she'll become the superpowered Red She-Hulk as she does in the comics. Granted, with so many rumors Thunderbolt Ross will become Red Hulk in "Captain America 4," there will likely be plenty to keep the Star-Spangled hero busy. But with such a limited amount of screen time, Liv Tyler's appearance may amount to little more than a cameo if the rumors are to be believed.

It certainly would be nice for fans to see Betty reunite with Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, in some capacity. That said, he'd look a little different from the last time she saw him given that he was played by Edward Norton rather than Mark Ruffalo, who took over from Norton for subsequent Marvel projects. On the other hand, Ruffalo isn't confirmed to appear in "Captain America 4," so there may not even be a chance for a reunion, especially if she just swings by for a quick cameo.

Of course, it's wise to take such rumors with a grain of salt. The set photos of Tyler were posted over a year ago, and a lot could've changed to the story between then and now. Maybe Betty will have more to do, or her part in the funeral could be cut entirely. "Captain America: Brave New World" isn't slated to release until February 14, 2025, so it remains to be seen if all of these scoops hold water.