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What Happened To Alex Russell's Jim Street On S.W.A.T. Season 7?

Prior to the touching exit of Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) in Season 7, Episode 7, Alex Russell's Jim Street leaves "S.W.A.T." during Episode 5, "End of the Road." After so much tumult — primarily between the rebellious Street and his by-the-books compadre Hondo (Shemar Moore) — Street leaves the series in a much more workaday fashion. He decides to move to Long Beach to head up the SWAT team there, where he has already been training their officers offscreen. 

"End of the Road" shows off how much he's improved as a soldier and an officer, instilling a sense of pride in Hondo. But Hondo's willing to give Street credit for growing on his own, noting that without his drive and determination, he would have never been able to advance to the point of leading his own squad. Street spearheads the joint investigation into a biker gang by SWAT Long Beach and 20-Squad in "End of the Road," and his bravery during the op moves him up the line and makes him a leader at the Long Beach team permanently. In the end, his colleagues are quite proud of Street's growth. "Leadership doesn't come to everybody, but it does to you. We've seen it," Deacon (Jay Harrington) says. 

Just before Street leaves, an even bigger surprise is revealed: he's planning on proposing to Chris Alonso (Lina Esco), who has maintained an offscreen relationship with Street ever since leaving the show during Season 5. But while Street's future seems to be set in stone, a surprise twist of scheduling fate might bring him back into the fold. 

Could Street and Luca be back for Season 8?

Alex Russell posted on his Instagram in the wake of his departure from "S.W.A.T." Expressing his gratitude for the role, he explained that he's incredibly appreciative of being given the opportunity to tell Street's story over the years. "I'm so very thankful for having had the opportunity to bring Jim Street to life and for having shared this incredible experience with my SWAT family — it's been a blast," he posted in February. "All of us at SWAT are forever grateful to each and every fan for making our amazing job possible. I know in this final season, we'll give you the grand finish you deserve."

But while it seems that both Russell and Jim Street have exited the drama permanently, there remains a distinct possibility that this might change. As Shemar Moore predicted, "S.W.A.T." scored a surprise renewal for Season 8. Both Kenny Johnson and Russell were given reduced roles during Season 7 due to the constrained size of this batch of episodes, and to ensure each character was given a solid farewell, the characters were written off early to give them proper endings. Since this won't be the end of the drama, audiences will have to keep on watching "S.W.A.T." online or on CBS to find out if Street and Luca make it back to 20-Squad or keep on living happily ever after.