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Young Sheldon Is Already Setting The Stage For The Georgie And Mandy Spin-Off

"Young Sheldon" Season 7 is preparing for Georgie Cooper and Mandy McAllister to take center stage. CBS has already announced that the fan-favorite couple, played by Montana Jordan and Emily Osment, are getting their own show. A statement from the network confirmed that Georgie and Mandy's "Young Sheldon" spin-off will follow the couple "as they raise their young family in Texas while navigating the challenges of adulthood, parenting and marriage." Jordan and Osment were told about the spin-off on the same day they were informed that "Young Sheldon" would be ending after Season 7, and the sitcom bosses have wasted no time gearing the characters up for the new show.

"Young Sheldon" started setting the stage for the spin-off with two Georgie and Mandy-centric episodes. These were Episode 6, "Baptists, Catholic and An Attempted Drowning," and Episode 7, "A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet," the latter of which finally saw Georgie and Mandy tie the knot.

The episodes established the dynamic between the Coopers and the McAllisters, and if this is anything to go by, Georgie and Mandy could end up stuck in the middle a lot. Georgie's mom Mary (Zoe Perry) and Mandy's mom Audrey (Rachel Bay Jones) spend most of Episode 6 fighting over whether Georgie and Mandy should get married in the Baptist or Catholic Church before taking matters even further — each secretly baptizes their granddaughter, CeCe. While Mandy almost forbids them from attending their courthouse wedding as a result, it doesn't stop Mary and Audrey from fighting over the baby again in the very next episode.

Young Sheldon Season 7 teases what the future might hold for Georgie and Mandy

Now that they're married, Georgie and Mandy have a lot to discuss. For example, where are they going to live? Is Mandy going to change her name from McAllister to Cooper? Are they going to give CeCe a sibling? The couple start to discuss this in Episode 7 while they're in the car on their way to their honeymoon destination, Dollywood. While they don't come to any firm decisions on any of these topics, this conversation has swung the door to the spin-off wide open, although the couple can still be taken in any direction.

The only thing standing in their way is a plot point of Georgie's multiple divorces, which was established in "The Big Bang Theory." But Emily Osment told TVLine that she's hoping the spin-off retcons this by having Georgie and Mandy divorce and remarry each other. The only other plot point about the couple established in "The Big Bang Theory" is that Georgie will eventually own a chain of very successful tire stores. However, nothing has been established for Mandy's career. In Episode 7, she floats the idea of getting a new job or even going back to school. "I definitely see her having some sort of a career. I don't think they can have Mandy just be mom and wife. It's much funnier when women are stressed out over their career than their children," Osment said. Viewers might even see Mandy teeing up a new job before Season 7 is out.

The spin-off will begin filming shortly after Young Sheldon ends

"Young Sheldon" bosses Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro are wasting no time getting Georgie and Mandy's show off the ground. The first script has already been written and filming is slated to begin in July. The new series isn't just going to be more of the same, though, and to drive that point home, it will change formats from a single cam back to a multi-cam, which means the spin-off will have a laugh track like "The Big Bang Theory". This will be Montana Jordan's first time working on a multi-cam show, but Emily Osment has plenty of experience with the format. "It's just a completely different experience, just a completely different form of comedy ... My favorite part of that is the live audience and feeling like you're doing a new play every week," she gushed to TVLine.

Very few other details have been revealed about the upcoming spin-off and it's yet to be confirmed if any of the other "Young Sheldon" cast members will appear in it. But with the increased focus on the relationship between Georgie and Mandy's parents, it's a definite possibility Mary and Audrey could be getting more screen time.