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The MCU's Madisynn Just Made Her Marvel Return - But It's Not Where You Thiiink

Contains spoilers for "What If...? Venom" #3 (by Jeremy Holt, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Ceci De La Cruz, and VC's Ariana Maher).

One of She-Hulk's breakout stars is appearing in an unlikely spot, and it's not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, Madisynn King (Patty Guggenheim) pops up in a first look at an upcoming issue of "What If...? Venom" #3. 

Madisynn became an instant fan-favorite character after appearing in the "She-Hulk" episode "Is This Not Real Magic?" An original creation for the show, Madisynn is introduced as a volunteer for Donny Blaze's (Rhys Coiro) magical act. However, the former failed student of Kamar-Taj opens up a mystical portal, sending her to a Hell-like reality. The ditzy party girl soon finds herself in Wong's (Benedict Wong) living room, spoiling an episode of "The Sopranos" for the Sorcerer Supreme. Ultimately, Wong seeks out She-Hulk's (Tatiana Maslany) assistance in suing Blaze for using unauthorized sacred magic. She-Hulk takes the case and the trial sees Madisynn take the stand. Hilariously, she continually introduces herself as Madisynn "with two N's and one Y, but it's not where you thiiiink ..." 

By the episode's end, Wong and Madisynn develop a cute friendship as an odd couple pairing, watching "This is Us" at Kamar-Taj. Now, the pair's hangouts are coming to another medium, as a new Marvel Comics preview teases Wong spending more time with Madisynn as the pair watch a new television series together.

Madisynn officially appears in the comics!

In Xoop's exclusive preview of "What If...? Venom" #3, the bulk of the first look deals with Doctor Strange trying to learn more about an alien creature that recently attacked him, as it turns out to be a piece of the Venom symbiote. After being unable to determine the threat, Strange looks to Wong for help. However, his fellow sorcerer has different plans: He wants to watch reality TV with Madisynn. Wong tells Strange he's hanging out with her, and they plan on enjoying the season finale of "The Bachelor," which they have been anticipating for weeks. Madisynn, while not seen in the preview like in "She-Hulk," refers to him as "Wongers" and entices him to jump through a portal with a promise of bottomless gin and tonics.

Madisynn's next appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't known at this point, although "She-Hulk" creator Jessica Gao said she'd love to see more of her and Wong's adventures, possibly in a Halloween special. However, she will at least be back in next week's "What If...? Venom" #3. The story arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on April 17, 2024.